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Bulk Transfer Notice

Print out and use this Bulk Transfer Notice to communicate with your creditors.

Bulk Sale Transfer Letter Template

Notice of Bulk Transfer

John Smith
1234 Main Street
Arlington, TX 76010


[City, State Zip]

Re: Notice of Bulk Transfer

Dear [Creditor],

Notice is hereby given that the following events are taking place:

1. [Name of Seller] is about to make a bulk transfer or a sale of all property relating to [Business Name].

2. The purchaser and transfer are being made to: [Name and Address of Purchaser].

3. The seller has not used any other legal name for the last three years than what is listed above.

4. All debts of the seller will be paid in full as they are due. Creditors shall send bills to the above mentioned purchaser address.

5. The actual property that is to be transferred is located at:

6. The total debt of the seller is estimated to be $___________________________.

7. A complete list of creditors may be seen at the above listed purchaser business location.

8. This Bulk Transfer is being made to pay off all debts.

9. Creditors of the Bulk Transfer will need to file all their claims in writing with the purchaser at [Address] before ____/____/______.


John Smith



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