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Temporary Agency Employee Checklist

Temporary Agency Employee Checklist

Temporary Help Screening Checklist

Ask yourself the following questions before you call the temporary help agency:
  • How long will you need the temporary help? If the timeframe is longer in nature, estimate what the length of time will be for.
  • What hours will the temporary help be required to work?
  • What specific skill set are you looking for in your temporary help?
    • What computer and software skills specifically are you looking for?
    • Public interaction skills?
  • Level of professionalism and responsiveness.
    • How many times did the telephone have to ring before it was answered?
    • Was the answering representative courteous and helpful?
    • Did they ask relevant questions and provide clear answers to your questions, along with making sure you had all the information that you needed.
  • Ability to meet all your requirements.
    • Does the temp agency specialize in placing the type of worker that you need?
    • Does the temp agency have workers in your geographic area?
    • What type of customer satisfaction reputation does the temp agency have?
    • Are the temp agency's rates competitive for the type of worker you are looking for?
After you have interviewed several temp agencies and have narrowed your selection to a few potential candidates. The next step is to make an appointment to visit those agencies in person to discuss in detail what exactly you are looking for in temporary help. When you make your visit, be sure to go over the following points:
  • What testing and screening process does the temporary agency use when evaluating the temporary candidates?
  • What benefits are the temporary workers given by the agency (i.e. the better benefits tend to attract a higher level of temporary help).
  • Rate information:
    • Billing rates?
    • How long will those rates be set in place?
    • How are the temporary workers categorized into their skill level and corresponding rate of pay?
  • Payment procedures
    • What are the acceptable methods of payment?
    • When are payments due for the temporary worker?
    • What specific billing methods will be used?
  • If you would like to hire the temporary worker on a permanent basis, what amount will you have to pay to the temporary agency?
  • Does the agency have worker's compensation, liability insurance, and errors and omission insurance?
  • Are the temporary workers of the agency bonded?
After you have obtained the previously discussed information, you will be able to make an informed decision about which temporary agency is the best fit for you and your needs. When you make your final decision, be sure to:
  • Call the temporary agency's references.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau along with the Chamber of Commerce for additional references for the agency.
  • Network with other businesses owners and colleagues to see what their experience has been when working with the temporary agency in question.



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