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Roommate Rental Template

An Agreement for roommates to sign when entering a Lease Agreement together to ensure that there is a mutual understanding with regard to responsibilities.

Roommate Rental Agreements

Roommate Rental Agreement


Name: __________________________

Name: __________________________

Name: __________________________

Name: __________________________

Name: __________________________

Property Address

Address: _________________________

City: __________ State: ___ Zip: ____

Agreement Term:

Start Date: ____/____/______

End Date: ____/____/______

The above listed Roommates have all signed a Lease Rental Agreement for the above listed Property which is attached to this Roommate Rental Agreement. By signing this Agreement the Roommates, hereby agree to the below mentioned responsibilities and that the responsibilities will be shared equally by all the Roommates. For this reason the Roommates are signing this Roommate Rental Agreement.

If a Roommate is under month to month tenancy, they must provide all other Roommates and the Landlord a written thirty day notice in advance, if a Roommate will be moving out before the end of this Agreement term. If a substitute roommate is found and is found acceptable to the remaining Roommate(s) and the Landlord the Roommate may leave. Each Roommate is responsible for finding their replacement for tenancy.

If a Roommate is bound to the Lease Agreement, the Roommate that is departing will be responsible for upholding the entire Lease Agreement until and potentially after a replacement is found.

Upon a pending roommate change the Landlord shall be notified so that all the correct arrangements will be carried out. Unless other arrangements are made with the Landlord and the Roommates in writing, the Roommate that is leaving is still responsible for their original part of the rent.

The above listed Roommates have placed a Security Deposit of $ _______ with the Landlord. Each Roommate has paid the following amount:



If a Roommate causes any damage to the Property then they alone are responsible for those charges to fix the damage that is caused by them and / or their guests. If it cannot be determined who caused the damage to the property then all the above listed Roommates will share evenly in the costs to make the necessary repairs.

Each pet owner will be responsible for all damages that are caused by the Roommate's pet. Including but not limited to any furniture, carpeting, doors, window treatments, lawn and garden areas.

There will be a single ledger kept for all supplies that are purchased by each roommate. Supplies include items such as paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, trash bags, cleaning detergents, sponges, scrub brushes, brooms, etc. and any other items that may be needed to maintain the Property. At the end of each month the Property Maintenance Items ledger will be tallied and costs will be split evenly among the Roommates.

Each Roommate will buy their own food and there shall be no sharing of food without the prior consent from the Roommate that bought the food item. There will be separate space provided for each Roommate to store their grocery items. Any meal preparation that is shared along with clean up is optional and should be arranged ahead of time.

Roommates will not borrow or use other Roommates personal items without first receiving consent. Any items that are borrowed will be used with respect and returned in the same condition. If any damage results when using another Roommates personal property, the Roommate that is responsible for the damage will be held liable to the Roommate who the borrowed item belongs to.

All the above Roommates hereby agree to share in the responsibilities of maintaining and cleaning the Property. The Roommates will work together at a mutually agreed upon time to complete the various required cleaning work.

If there are any Roommate issues that cannot be resolved it is agreed that the issue will be brought to a mediator to resolve the problem. This process may be initiated by any one of the Roommates at any time. However, it is also agreed upon that all Roommates will make every effort to discuss and come up with a solution before approaching a third party mediator.

Each utility bill has been assigned to a specific Roommate who is responsible for that bill being paid and figuring out what each Roommate owes and collecting that amount along with seeing that the payment is made before the due date.









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