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10 Digital Marketing Solutions Every Startup Can Benefit From

Is your new business struggling to get its footing out of the gate? Click here for 10 digital marketing solutions every startup can benefit from.

Digital marketing is a great way to get your business out there, especially if you’re starting up. But remember, Google takes up around 86% of the search engine market. That’s why it’s important to optimize and base your strategy in ensuring that you rank high in this search engine.

When you’re using digital marketing solutions like content marketing, you need to evaluate its effectiveness. After all, there are a lot of changes that happened this year, and a lot of solutions caught up and became the more preferred strategies by startup businesses.

Here are 10 online marketing strategies you need to consider.

1. Chatbots

Last year saw the rise of chatbots in digital marketing. These are intuitive computer programs which help convert prospects by conversing with them using different platforms. There are a lot of prominent brands using chatbots as a means of improving their customer service process on their social media platforms.

This makes it easier for your business to respond to customer inquiries within five minutes. After all, the odds of getting new leads decreases by a factor of ten if you don’t respond within that time period. If you’re a startup, this can mean losing your potential customer to a better competitor.

2. Inbound Marketing

There are a lot of inbound marketing strategies that became obsolete as years pass. However, guest blogging still remains reliable. After all, it’s important to establish your business as an authority in your industry.

If you don’t blog on a regular basis, you’re making a marketing mistake. View here if you want to see more common mistakes you might make. In any case, guest blogging on websites that have high authority will help your backlink profile become more desirable to Google and other search engines.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing gained more traction in the past couple of years. If you want to collaborate with an influencer, you need to show them other means of gaining benefits other than financial compensation.

However, what you need to understand is that with the rise of influencers, you might need to become more aware of the FTC guidelines and whether these people adhere to them.

4. Social Media Marketing

A social media marketing campaign isn’t something businesses should do without expert help. However, the tools you can use are often free, only requiring your time to master the strategies involved.

You can start this digital marketing strategy by establishing your business profiles on major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

5. Email Marketing

Despite the improvements in strategic digital marketing, email marketing remains as one of the most cost-efficient options you have. Some studies found that the ROI could be as much as 400% in some cases.

As long as you get an organically curated list, you can build a steady stream of outgoing emails.

It’s non-invasive but it still gives you returns on the money you invest.

6. PPC Ads

If you’re targeting high-traffic head keywords, PPC ads will become too expensive for a startup. There are some platforms you can use without burning a hole in your pocket. For example, you can pay Facebook as little as $1 daily to blast certain ads to a wider audience within your area.

7. Forums and Groups

Lurking on public groups and forums is a great way to establish your business as an authority. For example, there might be someone in that group asking a question your expertise can answer. Doing so while promoting your business ensures that you give a positive impression to the people who read the threads you post in.

In addition, joining social media groups allows you to know about local events. This makes you more likely to attract customers. After all, involving yourself in these events will let them know about your business and what it can do for them.

8. Video Marketing

Video marketing is on the rise, with a lot of experts predicting that it will take about 80% of online content by the year 2020.

The reason behind its explosive growth is the fact that customers like entertainment and education instead of commercials. Videos ads that at least have one or both of these qualities will help you sell your business in a more effective manner.

9. Intelligent Content

As customer expectations rise, personalized content is now a requirement, not an option. It’s no longer enough for your business to make content based on keywords and your perceived buyers’ persona.

Now, you need to focus on creating content that caters to their online journey to ensure that they feel that they’re receiving a personalized experience.

10. Voice Search

Even Google stresses the fact that users find businesses using voice searches. With more than 60% of the people using the internet now has a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa, it’s only expected to become more important in the coming years.

What this means is that if you want your startup to have a greater degree of success, you need to capitalize on it before your competitors do.

Its popularity increased because people find it easier to say their searches instead of typing. The best way to optimize for this is to use long-tail keywords that read like natural spoken language. This means you need to ensure that the keywords sound like something a normal person would say.

Learn More Digital Marketing Solutions Today!

When starting up a business, you don’t need to strain your financial situation by getting expensive digital marketing solutions. If you find yourself having monetary struggles, use these types of strategies instead of cutting back.

Make creative use of these solutions to build the recognition your business needs to get bigger and better than your competitors.

Once your business gains traction, you have more freedom to get bigger strategies. Or you can choose to invest more in the ones that worked before. Either way, you will profit and gain more reputation.

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