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7 Traits That Make Great Motivational Speakers

On average, the U.S coach on self-improvement issues earns about $62,000 annually. There’s a growing demand for great motivational speakers, which also influences their rates. While anyone can claim to be a motivation speaker, the quality of services offered dramatically differs.

Some characteristics set apart average and great motivational speakers. When you seek the services of a motivational speaker, you’re looking for one who can bring out the best in you. On the other hand, anyone who wants to make a great motivational speaker must have some or all of the following traits.

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1. An Excellent Story-Teller

Every motivational speaker must be able to tell a story that adds value to the listeners. You won’t become successful in the industry if you keep rehashing other people’s ideas. People want to hear fresh and relevant content from every different speaker.

An excellent way to start is to have your own rags-to-riches story that inspires other people to reach where you are in life. It gives them hope that they too can overcome their challenges to achieve their life goals.

Take the example of Nick Vujicic. He is a renowned motivational speaker who’d have taken his life for being born without limbs. However, he didn’t let the negative thoughts pull him down.

Today, he delivers powerful messages that influence people across the globe.

2. They Must be Passionate About What They Do

To be a great motivational speaker, you must have a passion for motivational speaking. When you’re passionate about something, you are enthusiastic and eager to perform it. It must be in you to inspire people and make their lives better.

If you’ve speaking skills but no passion for the task, it’ll show and your audience will lose interest in listening.

Remember that motivational speaking is about investing in people. If you’ve no interest in making people’s lives better, don’t venture into motivational speaking. Having passion is about wanting to see people’s lives change for the better.

A passionate speaker will attract diverse audiences. When people can see the passion in you, they’ll invite you more often to talk to them.

3. Confidence

Confidence is the most important attribute among them all. Public speaking can be terrifying. If you don’t master the courage to speak in front of large audiences, you’ll miss it.

Great motivational speakers are made, not born.

It should be your desire to advance in public speaking skills that’ll draw you closer to perfection. Develop the eloquence to speak in public, and the courage to do so will follow. If you feel a little nervous before addressing your audience, let yourself loose.

Your audience can tell when you’re nervous, and this will affect the quality of the message you want to deliver. The best way to develop confidence is to practice public speaking as much as possible.

4. Introspection and Self Awareness

A great motivational speaker understands who they are and what they stand for. They also appreciate their strong and weak qualities and work toward becoming better. Successful motivational speakers capitalize on their strong qualities, for example, humor.

They also find ways to improve their weak qualities. It’s always in your best interest to put down your traits in a list. Critically think how each is expressed during a presentation.

Take note of what you think is lacking in your presentations. Devise ways of enhancing the positive traits to compensate for the weak ones.

5. Engagement with the Audience

Public speaking isn’t all about the monologue, and you can read more here on how engaging your audience helps. An excellent motivational speaker strives to engage the audience as much as they can. Dialogue is one of the best approaches to kill the element of boredom during the presentation.

You can achieve dialogue by making fun, asking questions, painting a picture through story-telling or conducting body-relaxing activities. A well-engaged audience will avoid being on their phones or laptops when you’re talking to them.

6. Knowledge and Expertise

If you want to be successful at motivational speaking, be knowledgeable. More specifically, choose your area of specialization. You can’t be all things in one.

When you choose an area of specialization, you’ll never run out of ideas when talking to your audience. As your experience increases, you’ll become an expert in that area. People will seek your services based on the knowledge you’ve got.

An example of a niche you could specialize in is business. You may not need to have many years of experience in business, but you’d need to read widely about it. Spending time with business gurus and learning from them would also be a plus for you.

7. Empathy and Selflessness

Great motivational speakers are always able to put themselves in the shoes of their audience. They strive to understand their fears, worries, challenges, concerns, and hopes. This helps the speaker to know the points to emphasize during their public speaking.

To a great extent, empathetic speakers are those who’ve gone through what they talk about. However, it’s not a must that you go through what you talk about to be empathetic.

In the same way, they must be selfless. Their priority must be to help their audience achieve their goals. Making profits should be secondary, and in situations where the clients can’t pay, the speaker will still be willing to help.

If you put helping others above all, the fame, money, and success will follow.

Great Motivational Speakers – Take Away

Motivational speaking services are in high demand in the U.S and other countries around the world. A life coach who is conversant with what is required of them succeeds in the industry. There are qualities that a great motivational speaker must exhibit to thrive.

Firstly, they must have self-awareness and understand themselves well. They must know their weaknesses and strengths, what works and what doesn’t. Instead of suppressing their weak areas, great motivational speakers strive to work on them to convert them into strengths.

They also are empathetic and selfless towards their audience. It’s only through these traits that they can bring out the best out of the clients. More importantly, motivational speakers are confident, knowledgeable, engaging, and passionate.

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