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How to Sell Watches Online

Selling watches used to be all about the timepiece presentation. But, things have changed. Here’s a guide to help you learn how to sell watches online.

Every year, there are 1.2 billion watches sold online. Watches are a large area of sales that have a lot of room to enter and find a niche. If you want to know how to sell watches online and enter this market, you’re in the right place.

Watches offer a wide range of products for different clientele, such as luxury watches, smart watches, diving watches, and aviator watches.

If you’re thinking of starting a small business, selling watches online can be a great way to get started.

You can start by building your brand with watches, and once you find success, you can branch out into other areas like jewelry, sunglasses, cufflinks, and other accessory fashion items.

If this sounds like it’s the right thing for you, read on to know how to sell watches online.

Find a Wholesale Supplier

The first step to selling watches online is to find a wholesale supplier. You need them to provide a steady supply of watches that you can buy in bulk.

You need to look for two things in a wholesale supplier. The first is if they’re dependable.

Does the wholesale supplier you’re looking at have a good reputation? Have others been able to depend on their supply?

The other thing to look for in a wholesale supplier is price. Based on the markdown they provide for buying in bulk, will you there be enough margin for you to make a profit?

Choose The Right Software Platform

The software platform you use will be the backbone of your business, so choosing the right one is very important.

Does the platform you’re considering support its customers? If so, search online for what people have to say about their product.

You’ll also want a robust feature set in the platform. Does it have the ability to upload and edit high-resolution pictures? Does it let offer custom services like engraving? Does it allow you to connect your products to your social media?

On this website, you can see a good example of a software platform. You can view high res photos of the watches, there are links to their social media accounts, it offers an easy way to request engraving, and browsing it is comfortable and easy.

Market Them Right

When you’re selling a niche product like watches, you need to know your target market well. If you don’t know who you’re targeting with your marketing, you won’t be able to do it well.

You won’t be able to sell every type of watch out there. There are too many and it would be too expensive, but you can choose a niche in the watch market and focus on that.

Are you selling women’s watches? Men’s watches? Watches for people who like technology?

Knowing this target audience, you can create a brand that matches it.

Once you know who you’re marketing to, you can use visual social media platforms like Instagram to target that audience.

If you partner with the right influencers, a good photo of them wearing one of you watches can do a lot to get people interested in your product.

Partnering with influencers around the world can also give the impression that your product is an international success and lets people associate your product with world travel and adventure.

And That’s How to Sell Watches Online

With the right supplier, the right platform, and the right marketing, finding success by selling watches online is within your reach. It’s a great entry point if you want to start a business.

And once you do find success, there is room for growth too. Before you know it, you can be running a modest business selling other fashion accessories too.

Now that you know how to sell watches online, if you’re ready to start, check out our blog for more tips on making your small business a success!