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It’s Not Paranoia: 7 Surefire Signs You’re Being Stalked

About 6.6 million people are stalked every year in the United States. So if you think you might have a stalker, statistically speaking that is very possible. Which is why it is crucial that you know what qualifies as stalking so you can stop your stalker before it’s too late.

Keep reading to uncover seven surefire signs that you being stalked. 

1. You’re Being Stalked If Someone Is Lurking Around You

If you notice the same person lurking around your neighborhood and or workplace, this could be more than a coincidence. You could have a stalker. It’s not “meant to be” that you keep bumping into the same person at the gym and or grocery store. 

Look around and start noticing if this person keeps parking next to you. Just because you run into this person every night at the gym that alone doesn’t make this person a stalker. But if you keep seeing this stranger later that night lurking near your home, then you might want to be concerned. 

If this person really does live and work in the same neighborhood as you, these occasional meetings could be an honest coincidence. But if you notice these meetings are consistent and repetitive that could be a sign of stalking. 

2. Someone Is Watching You 

If someone is watching you, they’ll be doing it from a distance, gathering personal information about you, your family and friends. So be aware of your surroundings.

Your stalker might even put a tracker on your vehicle. Check out these tips to see if you have a hidden GPS tracker on your vehicle. 

This person also might be photographing you from afar, or asking your friends information about you. They could be looking at public records or paying for information about you from online research firms.

Some stalkers go so far that they will even hire a private detective to follow you around to learn every possible detail about your private life. If you feel that you are being watched, take a closer look.

Or maybe you keep seeing the same person in the crowd looking directly at you. This could be your stalker. 

3. Repeated Phone Calls

If you keep on getting multiple phone calls from someone you don’t really see regularly or know this could be a sign of danger. Too much would be multiple calls from someone that you only casually know. These calls can also be in the form of hang-ups, voicemails, or long silences. 

If you know who this person that keeps calling you, firmly tell him or her to stop. If this calling keeps happening, make a log of the times this person calls you and tell the police. 

4. Inappropriate Gifts 

If someone starts sending you unwanted gifts or flowers, this could be a sign of stalking. You might notice that if you don’t return their affections, they will escalate the situation by sending more gifts that can become increasingly inappropriate and maybe even pornographic. 

A common tactic with these gifts is the stalker will send these presents to your office which will embarrass and distress you. You will have to acknowledge these gifts to your peers even if you have no idea who sent them to you. Some stalkers will even follow up on their gifts, calling to see if you received them.

If your office has a receptionist, ask him or her to screen these deliveries and refuse these packages. 

5. “Rescuing” You 

Stalkers love playing the hero. Often they will create a situation that requires you to be rescued, just when they happen to be passing by. Some of these instances can be suspicious and sudden like a flat tire, a car that won’t start, or unexpectedly running out of gas.

Then like magic, your stalker will appear and save the day by changing your tire or filling up your gas with a spare gas tank. While this assistance might be tempting to take, you’ll want to decline politely. Say you already called for help and help is on the way, and then wait in a safe place. 

Sometimes these hero-complex stalkers are even more subtle with how they approach. They might follow you around on a rainy day and offer their umbrella. Maybe they pick up your keys and give them to you, saying you dropped them when really they stole them from you. 

Your best bet to avoid these gestures from a stalker is to be cautious accepting help from anyone you don’t know. 

6. Manipulating You Into Interaction 

Stalkers will try anything to interact with their victims. A stalker might even try to manipulate you into talking to them by filing a lawsuit that is frivolous. These legal tactics can be ruthless and ridiculous, but the stalker will draw you into his or her orbit by forcing you to defend yourself. 

Other forms of manipulation can include threatening to hurt themselves unless you talk to them or intervene. They might tell you about a planned suicide or promise they will hurt someone else if you don’t return their affections. 

If you find that you are being manipulated into some kind of behavior that you otherwise not do. There is a good chance you are being stalked and you should report your stalker to the police as soon as possible.

7. Using The Internet To Follow You

Some stalkers will send texts, direct messages or e-mails to their victims daily. In some cases, these messages could include links to suggestive websites, which is a giant red flag. 

Internet stalking is usually an extension of physical stalking, but not always. There are some cases where an Internet stalker might not even know the real identity of their victim. The stalker might only have seen the social media profile of their victim and has become obsessed. 

Most agencies of law enforcement have cyber-crime units that treat Internet stalking as seriously as physical stalking. 

Stop Your Stalker Today 

Now that you know you’re being stalked, it’s time to go to the authorities as soon as possible. Make sure you have gathered as much proof and evidence to support your claim. For more legal advice, check out our blog.