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Why Your Business Should Always Choose a Dedicated Server for Your Website

While a huge portion of small businesses still doesn’t have a website, many more people don’t realize the importance of dedicated servers for their site.

If you’re one of those owners wondering what is a dedicated server, you could be setting yourself up for failure without one. A dedicated server gives you control as well as protection that other server solutions don’t.

Here are four reasons why you absolutely need a dedicated server.

1. No Unexpected Downtime

One of the biggest reasons to consider getting your own dedicated server is so that you don’t have any downtime unexpectedly. When you share server space, you end up dealing with other people who might not share the same interests. With your website housed on the same server as another company, if they end up in trouble, you could get dragged down with them.

Your website is your front-facing customer service arm when you’re sleeping, on vacation, or taking a weekend off. If you end up on a server with a company whose sole aim is to create a site with all kinds of spam on it, search engines could end up flagging your site. If they flag the site you share server space with, then you’re going to end up dropping in the ranking on that search engine.

Downtime is toxic when you’re trying to run a company that does business online. If you’re sharing a server with a website that’s using lots of the server’s resources at the moment, you’re going to end up giving worse service to your customers. When people try to visit you, your site is going to run more slowly and load poorly thanks to the way that the site you share space with behaves.

2. All The Space You Need

If you’re a relatively new business with a healthy stake in your market, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your future growth. It’s hard to predict how well your business is going to do if you’re still scaling up in your growth. You might need to double your growth suddenly and you’ll hit a ceiling when you’re sharing a server.

It’s hard to grow at the pace you need to when you’re risking the possibility of hitting your head on the ceiling. Growth is vital to any small business and if your hands are tied by the limited space of your server, growth might require you to move to a completely new location. Migrating when all you need is some extra space is a pain in the neck

Sharing space also means sharing resources. As noted above, when traffic spikes on your neighbor’s website, it’s going to have an impact on your site. That traffic is going to cause a ripple effect that slows you and everyone else on the server down.

3. Security Your Customers Rely On

When you’re trusted with data from your customers, you have a responsibility to protect that data. Not only do you have an ethical responsibility to take that data seriously, but you also have legal requirements depending on your industry. If you’re in the legal or the medical industries, negligence with regard to your client data is going to lead to fines or loss of licensure.

With the average security breach now approaching around $4 million, you need to have the highest quality in security on your server that you can afford. Without adequate security, you risk embarrassing leaks that have serious ramifications. You could end up damaging your reputation, suffering a loss of customers, or dealing with lawsuits.

Security is vital in the digital environment because if undetected, a malicious actor could end up seizing all of your data without you ever realizing it. If you’re struggling with security, you need to find tools to solve the issue ASAP. Your customers need to know that you take the security of their information seriously and having a dedicated server shows them this.

If you’re not sure how they would know, you might be surprised to find out that a cursory IP check will show savvy users where their information is located. Future generations are likely to be more particular about who gets their personal data, so get your company future proof with strong security on a dedicated server.

4. Save Money on Equipment and Maintenance

Purchasing a server and keeping it up to date requires knowledgeable staff to be on-site at your company around the clock. You never know when a data breach is going to occur and start to take down your company. You need to have everything backed up so that if someone gets into your data, you can lock them out, kill the server, and migrate data to a new location.

This is a difficult job that requires talented people who have the training to handle this kind of work. If you’re a small business, you’re going to struggle to manage this on your own without proper training.

If you don’t have this kind of time or resources, you can get a dedicated server to help manage the server for you. With dedicated server solutions, you get the chance to access the resources of an entire server without having to manage the equipment on your own. This reduces your overhead while giving you more control over your resources.

Try looking into getting an unmetered dedicated server if you want to have all of the space without any of the hassles of paying for how much bandwidth you use.

What Is a Dedicated Server Going to Do for You?

If you’re wondering what is a dedicated server going to do to build your business, you haven’t realized the power of having control over your data.

Everything you’ve ever posted online about your company lives on someone else’s server. When you have a dedicated server, you can get control over your data which is becoming a vital resource in the digital era.

While you’re considering dedicated server solutions, check out our guide for outsourcing your tech support as well.