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You’ve Got Mail — On The Road: How To Get Your Mail Anywhere When You’re Away On Business

Pick up your suitcase and leave all your worries behind you. And I mean all of them! This includes worrying about how to receive mail when gone for long periods of time.

Having the ability to travel is a privilege. It’s an opportunity to indulge in new experiences and create lasting memories. And it’s one you don’t want to pass up.

Don’t let the worry of important documents piling up in your mailbox stop you from leaving! It doesn’t have to. There are ways to receive mail anywhere!

If you’re planning a tour around the states or a long trip overseas, then you should consider these options for receiving your mail!

General Delivery

General delivery mail is through the United States Postal Service or USPS. With general delivery, you can have your mail sent to any post office you’d like. After it’s arrival, you can then pick it up!

No matter where you are if there’s a post office nearby, then you can receive your mail through this option. But everyone sending you mail will need the address of the post office. And the mail needs to be sent with the proper general delivery address guidelines.

So a small fee, the post office will even forward the mail to your location once it’s received. Also, take note that some post offices may not accept general delivery mail. To avoid any hassles, call the post office beforehand and check with them. 

Online Services

Online services will cost you a small fee. But they will scan and sort your mail and packages for you. You also receive pictures of your mail.

Receiving these pictures enables you to discard or forward specific mail items. You can see what type of mail it is and who sent it. The online service can even throw away any unwanted mail for you!

If an internet connection isn’t an issue, then consider setting up an account to read your mail online. You can read through your mail at your own convenience. And you won’t have to go anywhere to pick it up.  


Switch to paperless with as many businesses as you can! Most companies that we acquire bills from have a paperless option. Electric companies, Health insurance companies, and others all offer this service. 

Check with all the places you receive bills or paperwork from and talk to them about going paperless! It’s a great option for convenience and it helps the environment. But be advised that you’ll still need a way to get important mail that doesn’t allow for paperless options.

Mail Forwarding Services

Mail forwarding services are offered by a variety of providers. The provider choice is up to you. With mail forwarding, all mail and packages are collected and then sent to you at specific times. 

This service provides you with an actual physical address, which may come in handy. Mail forwarding can be done nationally and internationally. You set up the address that you want your mail to go to and time intervals for it to arrive.

There are different types of accounts for this service. And prices vary depending on which type you choose. Visit TechVise to learn more about international forwarding services. 

International Snail Mail

With international snail mail, you register an address in the United States to have your mail sent to. This address does not need to be the address of your current location. If you’re traveling to or living in another country, then it’ll work just the same.

Once registering the address, you can choose which service plan works best for you! Your mail is directed to that address while you’re traveling. The service provider then picks up the mail and sends you pictures through your account.

You decide which mail you want shredded and which mail you want to be sent to you. It’ll then be forwarded to the location you’re currently at. You can receive your mail anywhere!

Mailboxes ETC

This service allows you to have mail sent to any of their locations. Once they receive your mail, you can go pick it up. And the best part about it is that they have locations in lots of cities worldwide!

You will need to call in advance to make them aware of your arriving package. 

Mail Courier Services 

Mail courier services such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL can also help you with your traveling mailbox needs. Just as you can send your packages and mail to different post office locations, you can send them to different courier offices as well. If you know which town or city you’ll be in, then you can have your mail sent to one of these offices in that area.

Again, make sure to call ahead of time. You’ll want to make sure that you follow all of their guidelines for having your items sent to them. And don’t forget to ask how long they’ll hold them for. 

Mail Here, Mail There, Mail Anywhere

With these options, you can get your mail anywhere you need.

Which traveling mailbox will you choose? Keep these options in mind when making a decision. Find which one will be more convenient for your needs. 

If traveling nationally, then consider using USPS or other couriers. For international travel, consider mail forwarding, international snail mail, or mailboxes ETC.

And remember, make things even easier. Think about switching as many bills as possible to paperless!

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