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10 Easy Yard Ideas to Make the Front of Your House Look Better

We only get one chance to create the best first impression. That applies not just to us but also our homes. 

We’ve got you covered with some clever cosmetics that’ll make your house the envy of the neighborhood. Spruce up the front of your home with these ten easy yard ideas.

1. Make a Path 

Paths are attractive and great for high traffic areas. Instead of trampling down the lawn, create an attractive walkway. You could use concrete stepping stones, natural flagstone, or decorative brick.

Constructing the walkway from paving material that looks similar to what’s used on the outside of the house can work well.

You could add stones to provide a striking edging along the walkway. Use a reputable contractor like this paving company to carry out the installation.

2. Fresh Planting

A great-looking yard is going to be full of life. That means starting by planting some shrubs. Tall bushes can work well to frame your doorway. Buy several different types of flowers and plant them in areas which get the sun.

Consider planting perennials like roses which can bloom for multiple seasons. You’ll need to invest in some decent soil. Place lavender along your path. This creates a lovely, calming aroma whenever you’re arriving at the house.

3. Trim, Weed, and Rake

Things can get overgrown very quickly if you’re not careful. Trim any tree branches near to or touching your house. Keep hedges neat and at a consistent height. Cut vines to prevent them from creeping over any fences. 

Having plants means you will have weeds. Make it part of your routine to pull them out of flower beds. Use a weed-killing product to kill them in stubborn areas, such as along the cracks in your sidewalk and driveway.

Rake up fallen leaves. They might look pretty for a while, but soon they can start to block the sun from reaching the grass. They can also clog up outside drains which need to be kept clear.

4. Use Mulch

A thick layer of mulch in your flowerbeds will make it harder for weeds to grow. It will also protect plant roots from getting scorched by the sun in the warmer months.

Mulch also has the effect of making everything look neater and tidier. It provides a great contrast to the colors of plants. That makes them stand out more.

You can also sharpen up the edges of your flowerbeds by making a hard edge with your lawn. You can do this by hand with a trowel or invest in a cordless edger. It’s another simple way to make the landscape look neater and tidier.

5. Power Wash the Front Areas

The outside of your house is open to the elements and all the pollution this can bring with it. Give all path and driveways a good power wash. This will also get rid of weeds in cracks as well as unsightly moss. 

You might want to invest in a power washing machine or simply rent one. Either way, it’s going to stop things looking grimy and give the outside a well-needed boost.

6. A Fresh Coat of Paint 

The paintwork on parts of the front of your home will have an impact on the look of the yard. Freshen up window ledges, deck railings, and shutters with a lick of paint.

In terms of impact, the front door is one of the most important parts of your home’s entryway. Give it a color boost with some bright new paint. It creates a good impression and assures visitors that the rest of your home is well maintained.

7. Tend the Lawn

Looking after the lawn doesn’t just mean mowing it regularly. Put in some extra effort by removing any debris during the fall. There are special rakes available or even machines to rent that’ll enable you to do this effectively.

Lay down new and fresh seed. You may need to buy or rent a spreader to do this. Water your lawn and always feed it fertilizer in the spring. This will help to keep your lawn healthy and green.

8. Accessories Are Easy Yard Ideas

Gardens are like outdoor rooms. Just as you would indoors, you need to accessorize with a few carefully placed pieces. Adding a bench can transform a space into a seating area that captures the sun.

You might also place it under a tree where there’s extra shade. That creates a peaceful area to sit and read. If the bench is wooden, sand down any rough edges and give it a fresh coat of paint. 

A birdbath can have the same kind of effect as a bench. They can look great when placed next to trees. You’ll be able to enjoy watching them attract lots of different species. 

Take things a step further by digging a pond. They aren’t hard to construct by using a small polyethylene liner. Over time, you can add some surrounding flowers, lilypads, and even fish. 

9. Put Up Some Lattice

White crisscross lattice is a great way to cover up any unsightly areas. It looks great and you could let some attractive climbing plants grow up it.

You might also want to try out some artificial grass. It requires zero maintenance. Some of the most modern types available look remarkably realistic. Experiment in a small area of the yard and take it from there.

10. Install Lighting

Landscape lighting can really bring your garden to life in the evenings. It also increases safety by making sure paths are visible once the sun’s gone down. 

Place lights on alternate sides of a sidewalk to break up a line. You can use uplights to show off your favorite flower beds and trees. 

Improving the Front of Your House

Our easy yard ideas will give the front of your house the lift it deserves. They could also help your house to sell more quickly if you’re planning to move.

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