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10 Physical Product Ideas for Marketing Your Brand

Flyers and branded pens that get lost down the back of the sofa just don’t work anymore. If you want your brand to be remembered, it’s time to use a physical product for marketing that potential customers will love. 

Everyone enjoys getting freebies. The rule of reciprocity can be a powerful tactic in your marketing strategy and it’s simple. When you do, say or give someone something, they naturally feel compelled to give back. 

In the case of your business, when you give away something, the receiver feels like they should return the favor by giving you business. You can’t just give them anything though, it needs to be something they like. 

If you want your brand to be remembered and to encourage people to do business with you, giving away fun and useful promotional products is a great way to do it. 

We’ve compiled a list of marketing products that won’t get shoved in a bag and forgotten. Read on to learn which products will make your brand stand out for the right reasons. 

1. Tote Bags

With the eco-friendly movement, disposable plastic bags are out. Every day millions of people use fabric tote bags for their shopping and there are few products out there as simple as useful as this. 

Cheap and easy to print your logo on, offering tote bags as promotional products shows you respect the environment and want to give away something practical. 

2. Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl graphics and stickers are perfect for many types of business as they can be customized to suit your brand and ideal customer. Vinyl stickers could have your logo or something creative that’s geared toward your audience. 

Small and easy to transport, stickers are a quick and simple way to give people a little gift that they can use on their cars, laptops or wherever they choose. The key is to make the sticker attractive and interesting, something your audience will love to see often. 

3. Travel Cups

Throwaway coffee cups are bad news for the environment so travel cups or mugs are a fantastic modern promotional product. Because everyone still has to take their cup home to wash, it’s useful to have at least two so you don’t have to worry if your audience might already have one. 

From solid mugs to folding travel cups, there’s a wide variety of eco-friendly options that you can put your logo on. Whenever a potential customer gets a coffee to go, they’ll hand over your branded cup and be reminded of who gave it to them. 

4. Eco Water Bottles

Just like travel cups, eco water bottles show your business supports ditching the disposable plastic bottle. With glass, rubber and recycled plastic options, nobody throws away a good quality eco water bottle. 

Stick your logo on the side and that bottle will travel everywhere with the receiver. Always use good quality materials with a leakproof lid. If your water bottles are poor quality, you won’t make a good impression. 

5. USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are a popular physical product for marketing as they’re so useful. No matter how many someone has already, they might always need a blank one for a particular project or file transfer. 

They’re cheap to buy in large quantities and small, making them easy to take to trade shows or give out during meetings. The value they give to prospects is far greater than their size and price and it’s easy to put your logo or details on the side. 

6. Reflective Stickers 

Reflective stickers make for great promotional products for businesses in the transport or safety industries. From insurance companies to bike shops, this simple product can be stuck to backpacks or bicycles to increase visibility at night. 

Putting a simple logo on a reflective sticker won’t impact its job and it shows thought and care for your customer’s safety. 

7. Lip Balm

Small and easy to temporarily misplace, everyone could use another lip balm in their car, bag or pocket. This unusual promotional product really sticks in people’s minds as it’s thoughtful and useful. 

SPF lip balm is a great idea if your customers are based in a sunny place and simple scents or scent-free make lip balm a good all-round winner. To go the extra mile, you could giveaway branded lip balms on keyrings so they’ll never get lost. 

8. Yoga Mats

If your business is in the wellness industry, branded yoga mats will make a big impact as freebies. The self-care trend is here to stay and by offering something as practical and meaningful as a yoga mat, customers will see that your business cares about their health. 

With plenty of space for your logo and information, a branded yoga mat will impress and certainly stick in the mind of customers. It’ll remind them that taking a break is valuable and respected, even in business. When you show people respect, they’ll remember you far more than if you gave them a cheap pen. 

9. Potted Plants

Did you know that indoor plants have wide-ranging health benefits? From reducing stress to increasing productivity, having plants nearby is a simple way to improve your life. 

Using plants as a promotional product is a fantastic way to make your brand memorable. You can give small plants or even seed pots that just require sowing and watering. Herbs are a great choice for plants to take home or young philodendrons are easy to look after in offices. 

10. Measuring Spoons

For small quantities of ingredients, no one wants to get out the kitchen scales. A set of kitchen measuring spoons is a cheap and practical promotional product that will stand out in customers’ minds. 

With space on the handles for your logo, this easy gift is both useful and unusual. 

Physical Product Marketing That Works

Long gone are the days of pithy, throwaway promotional items. A physical product can be an excellent marketing strategy but only if it’s useful and has a long life. Nobody wants to get home from a trade show and throw cheap, useless items in the bin. By showing some thought and care, your item will be cherished and used. 

Great promotional products leave a lasting positive impression and will remind potential customers of your brand. By giving high-quality items, they’ll know you provide equally high-quality services. Now that’s a good impression!

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