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10 Reasons to Consider Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

Over the years, American homeowners have recognized the beauty, safety, and value of granite countertops. In 2014, 49% of American suburban neighborhoods installed the best granite countertops. This is in comparison to 42% in rural areas and 36% in urban neighborhoods.  

Thus far in 2019, the leading kitchen countertop material is quartz at 48% followed by natural stone at 43%.  

What this shows is that granite countertops are still popular among American homeowners. They are beautiful and they help to elevate the design of your rooms. The countertop material also lends an air of luxury to your kitchen.   

Want to know more reasons why you should install the best granite countertops? Read on to learn 10 reasons to consider granite for your kitchen.

1. Not Susceptible to Scratches

On the Moh scale of hardness, granite scores a 7. What this tells you is that few minerals can scratch the surface. This does not mean that you should turn your granite countertop into a cutting board.

If you do so, it will dull your knife. Also, a metal residue will be left behind which is difficult to remove.

2. Renewable Resource

Granite is a natural stone. As such, it is a renewable resource. The prroblem is that it is a metamorphic rock which means it takes thousands of years to form.   

According to experts, this does not qualify granite as a green product. But it does qualify as a sustainable material.

3. Contains No Harmful Chemicals

As a metamorphic rock, granite does not contain harmful chemicals. Also, it does not emit any harmful gases or radiation. As such, granite is eco-friendly and may have a place in the green building movement. 

4. Resistant to Heat

Granite is resistant to heat and impact as well. This is why its a popular material for granite countertops. In the kitchen, you can place crockpots or pans out of the oven and the granite will not blister or melt.  

Although the material does not blister or melt, we recommend using a trivet if you intend to place hot pans or pots on it.

5. Resistant to Stains If Properly Sealed

When it comes to stains, granite countertops can stain easily if not sealed. But if sealed properly, no staining will occur. This helps to prevent water stains which are brought about by hard water. 

Also, it prevents other stains such as wine, oil, and juice.

Learn more information about granite countertops and kitchen makeovers.

6. Tough and Durable

Granite is tough and durable compared to other countertop materials such as Formica. Even when it comes to wear and tear, granite can last more than 100 years. As such, your kitchen will maintain its beauty for many years.

7. Low Maintenance

Considered to be low maintenance, the best granite countertops do not need regular resurfacing. Thanks to the use of sealers, your countertop will last more than 10 years before you need to reseal again. 

8. More Color Choices

The variety of colors offered is endless. For instance, you have:  

  • Baltic brown  
  • Baltic red  
  • Black galaxy  
  • Blue eyes  
  • Calendonia  
  • Castor brown  
  • Kashmir gold  
  • Golden galaxy  
  • Silk blue  
  • Verde jade 

As a homeowner, you have many patterns to choose from and you can match your home décor easily.

9. Can Mimic Expensive Stones

Did you know that the classic look of marble can closely be mimicked with granite? In fact, as an added bonus, you can have a granite countertop with a beautiful marble look at a lower price tag.

10. Supports Local Businesses

Planning on remodeling your kitchen? We recommend that you shop for the best granite countertops from a local business. By buying from a business that installs the countertops, you get to support a local business. 

Why Should I Buy Granite Countertops?

There are more reasons why you should buy granite countertops. They include lifetime investment and increase the value of your home. Also, you can save money by using granite overlay countertops. 

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