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3 eCommerce Packaging Trends You Need to Know

When you run an eCommerce store your packaging is the most tangible impression of your brand customers have. These are the eCommerce packaging trends to watch.

Your packaging can make or break your customers’ satisfaction with your product. While art and science of ecommerce packaging is always developing, there are certain trends you can use your favor.

In the world of ecommerce, your package is the first impression your customer will get of your product beyond a website.

Your brand should stand out as an experience that extends beyond a mere product. Packaging gives you the opportunity to do this.

Only 20% of customers like the packaging of the products they buy. You might be alienating 80% of your customers with the wrong packaging strategy.

The following trends will help you with developing an ecommerce packaging strategy:

1. Get Personal with eCommerce Packaging

More and more companies are personalizing ecommerce packaging to suit their audience’s desires. Your consumer’s lifestyle should always be taken into account when designing a package.

Almost anyone can ship an item in a boring brown box, but it doesn’t really stand out as an experience to the buyer.

One survey found that up to 51% of consumers thought a product was more valuable if it came in uniquely printed or customized packaging. Around 61% of high-end shoppers agreed with this opinion.

According to Forbes, around 61% of United States consumers reported having more positive feelings about brands with personalized messages.

Personalized packing is one of the things that creates an actual relationship with a consumer rather than being “just another package.”

This is why companies are investing in quality label printing for their products.

2. Go Green

Sustainable packaging is growing in popularity. People love feeling the dopamine rush of making an ethical purchasing decision.

Your packaging can do exactly that: give customers the satisfaction of helping out the planet.

Going green means getting real. Sustainable packaging is more important to American consumers than it was 5 years ago.

Implementing sustainable packaging is not a vanity thing. Up to 40% of plastic pollution is the packaging industry’s fault. This represents 1/3 of all garbage.

Sustainable packaging can also help not only your company’s image, but your company’s profits. Around 66% of customers are willing to pay more if a company is devoted to social or environmental change.

Going green means producing less waste which brings me to my next point:

3. Make Your Packaging Reusable/Resealable

Resealable packages work in your favor. They provide extra advertising along with an increased presence in customers’ lives.

There’is a connection between package design/functionality and your consumers’ needs.

Resealable and reusable packaging caters to your customers in a more long standing way.

Almost 90% of customers are willing to reuse or repurpose a package that’s attractive enough. That means if you craft your packaging carefully enough, the majority of your customers will give you free advertising.

Resealable packaging not only helps the earth, but the customers who use it for storage. Giving your customer that little bit extra makes your brand more memorable.

In Conclusion

Your packaging really does matter. The benefits of quality packaging are undeniable.

Keeping these trends in mind could result in drastic improvements for your business.

Contact an expert to develop an ecommerce packaging strategy that works for you and your customers.