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3 Services to Look for When Choosing a Rehab Center

Here’s a startling fact for you: 10% of adults in the United States have or will struggle with substance abuse at some point in their lives.

You may even know someone struggling with a substance abuse disorder right now. Or, perhaps, it’s you who is struggling.

Regardless, it’s important to know that help is out there. With thousands of rehabilitation facilities across the country, sober living is within reach.

Before you choose a facility for yourself or your loved ones, make sure a rehab center offers these three services.

1. Medical Supervision

Maybe you’ve heard that you don’t need to attend drug and alcohol rehab to get clean. To an extent, that’s true.

However, going cold turkey without proper supervision can be quite dangerous, as the detoxification process drastically alters one’s body chemistry, just as taking a substance in the first place does. The result can be a shock to the system — literally.

Here are a few of the nasty symptoms that come along with the withdrawal process:

  • Extreme muscle pain
  • Irritability
  • Chills
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Tremors

Rehab centers employ medical professionals to oversee the detox process. It’s safer than going cold turkey and poses less risk to the body.

2. Financing

The expenses that come with a stay at a trustworthy alcohol rehab facility has the potential to wreak economic chaos in your life. But it doesn’t have to!

Many trusted facilities offer financing options like payment plans. Or, to make matters easier, you can find an alcohol rehabilitation center that accepts your insurance provider.

To find a facility in your network, visit your provider’s website, or give their office a call. Most major providers cover addiction treatment services, so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue finding proper financing.

If you don’t have insurance, call a facility you’re interested in and ask if they can set up a payment plan. Most facilities are quite understanding of patients’ limited budgets and will do their best to work with you.

3. Post-Rehab Support

Leaving the hallowed halls of a treatment facility is a big move forward, but it’s only one part of a much greater journey.

Staying sober is something that proves quite challenging, especially for alcoholics. One study found that 90% of alcoholics will relapse at least once during their first few years of sobriety.

It’s not only a treatment facility’s job to help you get sober — it’s their job to make sure you stay sober.

They can do so by providing resources like lists of local sobriety meetings (or better yet, hosting them in-house), checking in on past patients every few months, or offering relapse-specific programs.

Find a Rehab Center That Fits Your Needs

Getting and staying sober can often feel like an uphill battle. There are going to be days where you or your loved one want nothing more than to escape into your vice of choice.

Should you attend a rehab center that offers these three services, however, you’ll come away from the experience with a safe, financially viable, and long-term plan to battle addiction.

We hope you’ve found this article to be of help. If you’re interested in finding more information on choosing a rehab facility, make sure to check out our blog for even more articles.