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5 Dental Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that there were over 201,000 dentists operating around the US last year? Clearly, there’s no shortage of dental practitioners and practices around nowadays!

And that means one thing: there’s plenty of competition when it comes to attracting new patients too. With so many dentists vying for peoples’ attention, the quality of your marketing endeavors makes all the difference. Everything you use to promote your practice has to be compelling, on-brand, and, ultimately, free from dental marketing mistakes.

Get it right and you’ll stand out from the crowd and drive new patients through the door. Get it wrong and you’ll turn them away, struggling to achieve the visibility and traction you need. Want to avoid the latter fate and skyrocket your dental practice to new heights of success?

Let us help! Check out these 5 key mistakes to avoid at all costs when you’re marketing dental services.

1. Failing to Consider Your Audience

Audience understanding is imperative when you’re marketing dental services. After all, you have to know who someone is and what they want before you can market anything to them effectively!

It’s similar to buying someone a gift. The process is ten times easier when you understand their personality, interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes, right? By taking these factors into account in the mall, you’re able to purchase something you know they’ll appreciate and accept with gratitude.

The same applies to dental marketing. Make sure you a) learn everything you can about your target market and b) keep this information in mind when you’re creating ads. You’ll end up with more relevant campaigns that deliver a much higher ROI.

2. Forgetting About Traditional Marketing

Some dentists make the false assumption that traditional marketing efforts have no place in the digital world we live in. Now, there’s no denying that using the internet to promote your practice is all-important. But you’d be foolish to ditch traditional methods altogether!

Things like local radio ads, tradeshows, TV, and direct mail can and do still work. This is particularly true for dentists, for whom the local area is a crucial place to target would-be patients.

Print is another example of a proven dental marketing strategy that’ll drive results. For example, you could hire a professional company like teamconceptprinting.com to create some high-quality flyers to post through peoples’ doors. With enough distribution, you should enjoy newfound awareness in the local area and word-of-mouth referrals to boot.

3. Ignoring the Need for a Website

Dentists definitely need a digital presence as well though. The best place to start? A fast, high-functioning, and intuitive website to:

  • Build your brand
  • Help would-be patients learn more about your service, and
  • Allow them to book an appointment.

Trust us, websites are the cornerstone of any online marketing effort (regardless of your industry!). This is where people come to for answers; where you’ll direct people to from advertisements, and how you’ll bring leads into your funnel.

More to the point, many prospective patients will expect you to have one and might assume you’re untrustworthy if you don’t. Worse still, imagine if they search online for dentists in the area. You’ll lose out every single time if you lack a website but your competitor has one.

4. Ignoring Social Media

Failing to set up profiles on social media isn’t quite as bad as ignoring the need for a website. But it isn’t far off! With billions of people on the various social media platforms these days, it provides an unparalleled way to build a following, interact with patients, get peoples’ attention, and cultivate a strong brand.

So don’t put it off any longer! Find the platforms on which your target demographic spends the most time. By posting valuable, relevant content that solves their problems, it won’t be too long before you gain some traction.

Top tip: think about combining your social media dental marketing efforts with video content. People go mad for it on the internet nowadays, watching, sharing, and engaging with it more than any other form of content. Posting entertaining videos that address common dental issues, for instance, could be an effective way to boost your progress on social platforms.

5. Failing to Test

Any marketer will tell you the same thing: successful campaigns depend upon experimentation, ongoing testing, and analysis. Make sure you’re doing all three in your bid to attract new dental patients! Here’s why…

Experimenting with new types of marketing (be it social media, video, email, content, or print) is a means of exploring new avenues and never getting stuck in a rut. That’s a big deal if you’re struggling to see results with your current efforts. It’ll also help you move with the times, follow the attention, and stay relevant.

Testing’s what takes the guesswork out of your marketing. You make two versions of the same ad that contain minor changes (to copy, imagery, colors, and so on) and put them into the world to see what worked best!

However, testing delivers minimal value without analysis. Checking the results of your tests highlights what works and what doesn’t. You can then take those insights into your next campaign, iterate over time, and gradually hone your marketing endeavors.

Avoid These Dental Marketing Mistakes

There are hundreds of thousands of dentists in America, which creates stiff competition for attracting patients. To come out on top, you have to stand out from the crowd and show people why they should choose your practice over the others. That’s where the quality of your marketing comes into play!

Avoiding dental marketing mistakes and approaching ads, promotions, and branding efforts in the right way is crucial to success. We hope the errors and ideas that we’ve highlighted above will help in that regard. Keep them in mind, work hard to avoid them, and you should be one step closer to the thriving practice you’re pursuing.

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