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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Office Aesthetic

The average American worker spends roughly 40 – 60 hours in the workplace. The office is like a second home to most of us.

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that you could be spending more time in your office than at home. 

With that in mind, the office should at least be a cozy and appealing place to be. Revamp your office aesthetics to liven up your workplace and inspire your work day with beauty through those long, dull hours.

Here is a short list of tips to get you started.    

Go Green

There’re extraordinary benefits to having indoor plants and flowers in the office. But, all of them are out shadowed by the sheer natural beauty of the greenery.  

Plants naturally blend indoors and bridge the gap between the adventurous outdoors and the serenity of the interior.

There is a wide selection of indoor plants to choose from. From tiny potted cacti and giant ferns to exotic flora. Plus, plants are cheap to maintain.    

Metal, Glass, and Wood: The Office Aesthetic Trinity

Nothing spells out office aesthetics like an elegant combination of brushed metal, polished wood, and clear sparkling glass. Even in small proportions, these materials give the office a luxurious feel and look.  

Get a couple of furniture or fixtures made from quality material and give your office that classy appeal. Plastics, rubber and other synthetics may come cheap, but they are a far cry from the aesthetic qualities of metal, glass, and wood.

Work on the Lighting

A poorly lit office looks dreary, and it may have a profound psychological effect that may diminish productivity and well-being.  

If you’re lucky to have natural light sources like a glass canopy, windows, or a skylight, don’t cover them up. Natural light is soft and comforting, and it brings out the true colors within the room.

If you are boxed in and don’t have any natural light, you can still improvise. Get a lighting specialist to put up bulbs in strategic places for the desired mood lighting.

Remember, lights work hand in hand with the interior colors. Choose the combination that works best.

Hang up Some Artwork

If blank walls are not your thing, try some wall and ceiling art.  You can choose art pieces that match with your office theme or go wild with contemporary art designs.

Art fills a room with a certain level of sophistication and style. When you drift off into a stare, it feels more satisfying if you’re not facing a blank wall.

Reduce Aesthetic Noise

There is a growing modern design trend of minimalism in the workplace. It is a concept that lets you see the beauty in scarcity through the notion of ‘less is more.’  It is a nice change of pace from what is otherwise a stuffed environment.

The idea is to keep only what is necessary. Avoid a clashing spectrum of color in the office and create a subtle contrast of only two or three shades.

Minimalism makes the office look and feels spacious and extremely neat. It also reduces highly contrasting and distracting features.  

The Choice is Yours

The appeal of office aesthetic and indeed, all other aesthetics is a matter of personal preference and taste. It is all about what really works for you, your job, and the people around you. This list just gives you some ideas of what you can do. The choices are not limited.

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