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5 Proven SEO Link Strategies for Small Businesses in 2021

Were you aware that implementing link-building strategies will make your business grow?

Link-building is something that many businesses struggle with, especially small businesses because they have no experience with making websites. A link strategy is essentially a tactic used by businesses to attract more customers to their websites and boost their SEO.

When implementing link strategies, it’s important to think about the core of your business. While you can pump out advertisements with a basic link to your website, you may have a hard time showing up in search results. Fortunately, you can do a variety of things to improve your SEO and gain more customers.

Here are 5 SEO link strategies for small businesses!

1. Create an Effective Landing Page

One of the most effective link strategies you can implement in a small business is creating an effective landing page. Landing pages are something that many businesses struggle with because owners are unaware of how to engage with customers when they’re on their sites.

When creating a landing page for your link, you’ll want to be as direct as possible. For example, if you publish an advertisement with a link that goes to one of your products, the landing page for that product should give customers the option to buy it.

Try not to include a plethora of information on your landing pages because viewers may feel overwhelmed when visiting your site for the first time. 

2. Pay Attention to Customer Analytics

SEO for small business isn’t just about adding keywords to your website. You’ll need to analyze what customers are doing on your website so that you can make changes whenever needed. This will include monitoring how long they’re on a page and the links they’re interacting with.

When it comes to your advertisements, you can see which ones have been the most successful. From there, you can get rid of other ads or try to improve them to attract more customers.

Seeing which parts of the website that customers interact with most will help you bring more content that engages them. Your goal should be to continue introducing things that they’ll interact with so that you can keep them on your site.

One thing that you can do to see major changes in customer retention is to introduce a FAQ section and help center. Having these will encourage customers to browse your website when they have a problem instead of search on another.

3. Optimize Your Website

Another effective link-building strategy is to optimize your website, which is essential if you don’t want to push visitors away from your website. Optimizing a website revolves around making clean pages that load quickly. Visitors shouldn’t have a problem navigating the website due to slow servers or bugs.

Your website should also be easy to use, so it can’t have a plethora of menus to navigate. You also need to test your website every time you change something to it to ensure that Google picks up its pages.

4. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

A part of optimizing your website is making it mobile-friendly, which is necessary if you want to reach as many people as possible. Many people browse websites when on the go, so you can’t afford to have a website that can’t be accessed from their mobile devices.

This will require you to make an alternate version of your website that shows up when visiting it on a mobile device. You’ll need to add things like sliding menus and small icons, and you must compact everything to fit on a small screen.

Mobile websites must be much more simple than computer versions because mobile devices can’t display as much information at once. While you can get creative with your site, try not to include nearly as many things as your computer version has.

5. Post Long-Form Content

When it comes to implementing backlinks on your site, posting long-form content is one of the best ways to include them. Long-form content comes in the form of blogs and videos, both of which are designed to keep visitors on your site.

What makes posting a blog good for link building is that you can post backlinks to different pages when talking about a topic. You can also buy quality backlinks to include in your posts, which will greatly boost your site’s SEO.

The only downside to posting long-form content is that it can be difficult to keep customers entertained without filler. When making 2000-word blog posts, try to avoid fluff as much as possible. You can sprinkle images throughout the posts to take up space and help visitors visualize what you’re talking about. 

It’s best to include multiple forms of long-form content so that you can engage with various people. Some will prefer one form over another, so offering things for everyone from your audience will make your links more effective.

Start Using These Link Strategies Today

After reading this article, you now know all of the essential link strategies to improve SEO for small businesses. We encourage anyone that’s running a small business to start using these link strategies as quickly as possible to grow. Without them, you’ll have a hard time getting your audience to your website and retaining them.

You should start by optimizing your website so that it works on both computers and mobile devices. Providing that it works seamlessly on all platforms, you shouldn’t have a problem implementing other strategies.

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