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5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas Guaranteed to Generate New Leads

Do you need a better way to advertise your real estate company? Here are some real estate marketing ideas that will help you reach a broader audience and generate new leads for your business.

New leads are the lifeblood of any real estate company. That doesn’t always make them easy to come by.

With old marketing methods showing poor results, you need real estate marketing ideas that draw in more tech-savvy clients.

We’re can help point you in the right direction. Keep reading for marketing ideas that will generate new leads for your company.

1. Work the Social Media Angle

Your website is a bit like your online office. It serves as a clearinghouse for information and a communication hub. Like an office, though, only some customers will show up there.

Do you know where almost all of your customers hang out? Gold star for saying social media.

Maintaining active profiles on a few social media sites makes it a lot easier to spread the word about your properties.

2. SEO

One of the simplest ways of getting more leads is for your site to get more traffic. You can accomplish that by improving your search engine optimization.

One of the biggest things search engines look for now is whether you optimized your site for mobile. That usually means you use a responsive site that adjusts for screen size.

For a good example, go visit the Myers & Myers Real Estate site on a computer, then on your phone.

3. Video

Video will dominate Internet traffic by 2021. This is good news for real estate marketing.

Unlike abstract fields, such as stock market investments, real estate depends on imagery. Video lets you take advantage of that home staging by filming video walkthroughs and virtual tours.

People see the property in a format that encourages engagement, which should increase your lead generation.

4. Pick a Niche

Next up in our list of real estate marketing ideas is for you to pick a niche.

You can always go with a clear-cut niche, like luxury homes, but that only helps you stand out a little from your competition. You’ll still end up squaring off with another agent or agency who serves the exact same client base.

Get creative with your niche. Set yourself up as the agent for people with pets, recent retirees, or single professionals. It makes you memorable without overly limiting your client base.

5. Embrace Referral Marketing

If you pick a niche, your former clients are the ideal source for new leads.

Why? People often associate with people like themselves.

Dog owners know other dog owners. Recent retirees know other people on the verge of retirement.

Offer past clients some kind of reward for sending new leads your way, such as:

  • tickets to a show
  • a nice dinner out
  • a charitable donation in their name

Parting Thoughts on Real Estate Marketing Ideas

You can draw in new leads with the right real estate marketing ideas. It’s mostly a matter of refocusing your efforts in the right direction.

Make your website SEO friendly and populate it with video. Develop your social media presence as a way to connect with new clients.

Pick a niche that distinguishes you from your competitors. Leverage your previous clients with a referral program.

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