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5 Reasons Why Vape Shops Should Start Carrying CBD

Most people are aware by now that vaping is a growing trend. The BBC estimates that by 2021, the number of adults who vape will reach 55 million. But scientists have done very few studies on vaping, Many believe that, while it’s safer than traditional smoking, that doesn’t mean it’s safe.

The good news is that some vape shops are starting to use this new technology for medical purposes. since people have already figured out how to vape marijuana, why not CBD oil?

Why CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is marijuana, except that THC, the chemical that can cause a high, is not present. Since there’s no risk of getting high, CBD has had more success as a medicine.

A few states ban CBD and any other hemp products outright. Most states, though, will allow CBD to be prescribed for at least one or two conditions.

1. CBD Is Safer

One of the reasons vaping has had so much success is because it doesn’t burn anything, so the user doesn’t take any smoke into their lungs. Still, vaping cartridges contain a few known carcinogens or cancer-causing compounds. Many doctors worry this could have an effect on people, but there’s been no definitive proof.

CBD is a little trickier. Much like traditional cigarettes, marijuana contains a few carcinogens. Smoking increases the risks. It’s likely that vaping reduces the risk to some extent.

Still, marijuana seems to be less dangerous than tobacco, so vaping CBD is likely safer than vaping tobacco. If you want to try switching to CBD vaping, try this product.

2. CBD Has Medical Properties

Things only get more confusing from there. Despite the carcinogens in marijuana, it may actually help cancer patients, among others.

Studies done on cancer cells in Petri dishes showed that CBD might help fight some kinds of cancer. Tests done on animals with cancer have had similar results.

Marijuana can also increase appetite and reduce pain in patients. It also produces a calming effect, which can help with some neurological disorders.

Whether you’re selling cannabis products as medicine or otherwise, you need to know how to manage a financial portfolio to keep your business afloat.

3. CBD Is Not Addictive

Many suspect that marijuana could be addictive and that heavy habitual use could cause negative effects on mental health later on.

CBD, however, is not addictive. Addiction occurs because our brain has become used to a high and now needs it to function properly. Since CBD doesn’t cause a high, you can’t become addicted to it.

4. CBD Can Help Athletes

Due to CBD’s ability to alleviate pain, it is becoming popular among athletes who want to reduce any post-workout symptoms. Not only does it reduce pain, but it’s been shown to treat muscle injuries and help athletes recover faster.

Usually, CBD oil is ingested or used as a salve, but it’s possible that vaping might have the same effects.

5. Hops CBD — It’s What’s For Dinner

A certain type of CBD, known as hops CBD, isn’t even made from cannabis, but from hops. In fact, these same hops are a recognized food ingredient by the FDA.

None only is it legal, but it’s healthy. A lot of people work it into part of their diet. Whether you want to vape it or eat it, hops CBD is always an option.

CBD and Vape Shops

Vaping has become a craze and vape shops can be found pretty much anywhere. However, as lucrative as the business is, it might be a good idea, both financially and ethically, to also include CBD vapes in these shops. 

CBD offers a whole list of benefits. It’s safer than traditional vaping, isn’t addictive, and has been shown to have health benefits both for those with medical conditions and for athletes. Some types of it can even be eaten.

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