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5 Transportation Business Opportunities You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Thinking of starting a transportation business? Good idea!

The logistics and transportation industry brings in nearly $700 billion per year. The last few years prove the industry is only growing and the demand is strong. 

But how can you make your place in the transportation business and where does one start? There are the obvious routes, like trucking, limousine services, and moving companies. 

But what about the lesser known avenues?

Read on to learn about the top 5 transportation businesses you probably never thought of. 

Electric Charging Stations

Electric cars are here to stay and the number of car companies creating them is growing each year.

You probably didn’t consider that running and an electric charging station is a great and easy way to get in on the transportation industry and start your business.

If you own a property that attracts traffic and stays busy with people coming in and out, you might consider installing electric charging stations. 

This a lucrative business idea that gets you in on the transportation business without having to do too much. Simply wait for people to park and pay you to charge their cars! 

Marine Transport 

This is a significantly bigger idea that will require more work and research but the reward can be much more lucrative. 

People are constantly looking to export items by ship to other countries. With so many ports in the US, exporting cargo or car shipping are thriving. 

In order to get in on this business, you’ll need to be well versed in customs and export regulations. This is a large scale operation so you’ll need employees who are organized and can schedule and coordinate the shipments on a regular basis. 

Medical Transportation 

This is a need that will never go away, especially for those who are ill and can’t drive themselves or for seniors who no longer drive and need to be taken to medical appointments frequently. 

Depending on where you choose to focus when it comes to medical transportation, you could have just one vehicle or several. 

This type of transportation business could be in high demand especially if you live in a more remote area where people could need transportation to and from surgeries and doctors appointments.

Bike Rental

Setting up a bike rental is great if you’re in an area that has heavy tourism or where there is heavy car traffic and people prefer to get around by bike. 

You could try a bike-share approach where people drop off and pick up bikes at various locations by using their credit card to purchase time, or set up shop in front of or near a busy location. 


You’ll need some experience working with these animals in order to start a livestock transportation service but once you earn the trust of your clients, you’ll be their go-to business anytime they need to relocate an animal. 

You’ll need to learn about regulations when transporting livestock between states and if you’re not knowledgable about the specifics of livestock transport you’ll have to hire employees who are. 

Start Your Transportation Business Today! 

With the ideas above, you’re ready to start your transportation business and start making money! 

Determine how large of an operation you’re capable of running, how many employees you’ll need and any licenses or certifications that may be required. 

Be sure to check out the rest of our site for more business ideas!