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6 Steps to Help You Effectively Handle Trucking Accidents

Have you been involved in any trucking accidents? Unfortunately, terrible road accidents involve truck drivers each day.

Spending so much time on the road makes it likely that you’ll be involved or a witness to a road accident sooner or later.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you know how to handle the situation professionally and appropriately. After all, you’re still representing your employer.

Check out our guide to the 6 steps to follow for trucking accidents. Let’s go!

1. Stay Calm

Being involved in a trucking accident can be terrifying. If you’ve not been seriously hurt in the crash, you just need to take a deep breath and stay calm.

People expect you to behave professionally. Remember, just because you’ve been involved in a road accident, it doesn’t mean you’re no longer on duty.

Of course, you should follow the standard steps for handling an accident. This also means that you should never admit fault.

Don’t say “I’m sorry!” to the other people involved.

2. Stop the Vehicle

You shouldn’t move the vehicle unless asked by the police to do so. However, ensure that your vehicle is not obstructed the highway.

If you have not been directly involved in the accident, you need to move your truck to a spot which is not affected by other road users.

Only then, can you step out of the vehicle to check whether the other people are ok after the crash. 

3. Put Your Reflectors On

If you’re stopping your truck, you need to put the reflectors on immediately. Don’t wait around to do this.

4. Call 911 

You should always call 911 after a road accident. You may need to check whether someone else has already done this.

If you’re trained in first aid, then you would be obligated to perform the procedure in case of an emergency. However, only do this if you’re trained.

5. Gather Information 

You need to get the information from the other people involved. This may include witnesses of the road accident.

This should include the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • License plate 

Ensure you always behave with respect and calmness. Aggression in this situation could count against you later.

You should also take photographs of the consequences of the accident. Make sure you get snaps of each angle of the vehicles, especially any damage. 

6. Report Back to Your Employer

You also need to report back to your employer what has happened. They will make a decision about whether to hire a law firm.

Your employer will probably have a procedure in place to deal with such road accidents. Make sure you follow everything they ask you to do.

Have You Been Involved in Trucking Accidents?

Trucking accidents can be extremely stressful. And yet, it’s important that you follow these steps to handle the situation professionally.

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