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7 Amazing Ways You Can Sell Your Lapel Pins

Did you know that the Pin industry is starting to become lucrative?

In fact, while its starting average price is between $8 and $12, some designers now offer premium pins. These have real gold and diamonds that have prices that can go beyond $1,000.

If you’re planning to sell your lapel pins, you need to know the market first. The market is starting to become more competitive as it becomes more mainstream. That’s why it’s better to know what type of pins you’re making.

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1. Pick the Right eCommerce Platform for Your Storefront

You can always try selling your pins anywhere you can. But if you want to reach a large number of people in the least costly way, you can always use the internet. That way, you get a lot of pin sales while maintaining a high-profit margin.

To sell pins online, you need to get an online storefront that people can access within a few clicks. You need to ensure that these people have a fast and fun experience.

There are a lot of eCommerce platforms out there, and you need to do research to know what works best for you.

As a starting point, you can try using Shopify. A lot of experts agree that it’s easier to use compared to other platforms. It also has a robust set of apps that makes shipping and site optimizations more convenient.

2. Sell Your Lapel Pins at the Right Price

It’s important to price your pins since it has great influence over the quantity of what people buy from your online store.

As mentioned, the average price for a pin range from $8-$12. If you want to ensure that you’re getting the right balance for a profitable business, you should price your pins at $10.

Giving a higher price means your sales suffer. Otherwise, you might earn more sales but your profit margins will be lower. So, if you’re selling these pins, start at the standard price since the profits are enough to start building your business.

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3. Make Great Photos of Your Pins

Most successful pin sellers online attribute it to their awesome product shots. No matter how good your product is, people won’t buy them if they’re captured at a bad angle. That’s why it’s necessary to put in a lot of effort to get great shots of your pins.

Hiring professional photographers will make your pins look more appealing. It ensures that your pins stand out from most of your competition. After all, a lot of pin makers often don’t put in the right amount of effort to make their pins look nice.

A good practice is to avoid white background pictures. They look unappealing, especially in social media posts. Focus on putting your pins in environments that showcase its individuality instead.

4. Get Featured by Pin Reposters

There are countless pictures of pins on social media networks like Instagram.

That’s why most of the reputable pin curators only show the best ones according to their preferences. Pin enthusiasts follow these pages instead of hundreds of individuals to save them time and get a constant stream of pin posts.

These outlets will have a large audience of pin enthusiasts. If you’re still starting out, you should strive to get a repost from these curators. That way, you’ll get discovered quicker and gain followers that will give you the sales.

5. Host Some Pin Giveaways

Instagram is a great social media platform for pin makers. To grow your follower count, you should host a regular pin giveaway contest. Make sure that the participants like your page and tag their friends to get the most out of these contests.

Make sure that you’re giving away something valuable and appealing. This increases the number of people entering the contest and gaining more followers. If you’re acquainted with other small pin makers, you can collaborate with them for a bigger giveaway.

6. Release New Pins as Often as Possible

The hardest part of selling pins is coming up with a design that people will love. It’s the most important aspect of the process since it’s the only way to get a steadier stream of income. The main reason is that these pins will continue selling for a long period of time.

If you have the talent to make awesome pin designs, your chances of making something people will love is high. Otherwise, you need to rely on consistency and release new ones to find your best sellers. On average, you can expect one out of every five pins to become a best seller.

That’s why it’s important to make 4-5 pins each month to fund the next set while giving you profit.

As time goes by, the number of your best sellers will increase if you keep up this pace. These pins will give you reliable income for a long while, and by then you already produced more memorable designs.

7. Manage Expectations and Put in More Effort

Building a pin business is as challenging and difficult as any other industry. A lot of successful pin makers take around two years to build their business from the ground up. But with a more competitive industry, you might take longer to start making a substantial income from your pin sales.

That’s why it’s important to enter the business if you love making, buying, and selling pins. You shouldn’t see it as a way to make a quick buck. If you love pin collecting, the journey becomes more important than the end result.

Sell Your Lapel Pins Today!

If you’re not sure how to make pins become profitable, this guide is a good starting point. Follow our tips to sell your lapel pins quickly and effectively!

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