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7 Proven Digital Marketing Channels You Can’t Ignore In Online Marketing

Finding new customers is a top concern for 66% of small business owners.

In today’s market place, competition is stiff and consumers have more choices and access to information than ever before.

Statistics show that 77% of Americans go online every day. Online marketing when well executed can be a powerful way of connecting with new or prospective customers.

There are multiple ways to advertise to the large and diverse online market. This article will cover some of the best digital marketing channels for online marketing and some tips to ensure that your advertising campaign is effective.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a subtle form of advertisement.

It’s aimed at increasing brand awareness and retaining market relevance. Instead of directly advertising your products, you provide your audience with content that’s useful and relevant to them.

Leading brands use content marketing to increase sales and develop a base of loyal customers.

By continually providing relevant and high-quality content for your prospective clients, they will consider you first when they need services such as yours.

The quality of your website will greatly affect the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy. It is therefore important that you find a useful company that will develop an appealing and user-friendly website.

Email Marketing

Email has been around for two decades and remains one of the most effective ways of marketing for any business. To benefit from email marketing, you must first put in place measures to grow your email list. Try the following methods:

Pop-Up Surveys

Develop interesting surveys on your website for your visitors. Request an email address where they would like to receive the results.


Have a regular and informative newsletter that page visitors can sign up to receive via email.


Compile a pdf or eBook that your audience may love and give it out as a free download. Ask for their email so that you can send it directly into their inbox.

Call to Action

Come up with personalized Call to Actions (CTA) to encourage potential clients to leave their personal information.

The good thing about Email marketing is the fact that it is relatively easy to measure. Metrics such as opened emails, bounce and click rates as well as the number of subscribers you retain are easy to track and monitor.

However, the wrong approach to email marketing will render your efforts useless.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines drive approximately 93% of web traffic. Prospective buyers do an online search before making a purchase.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the use of various digital marketing modules to ensure content is ranked high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

If your content has a low ranking, it will virtually be invisible to your target audience. This is because people naturally click on the results that appear first.

To find products and services, web users key in search queries on the search engines. Identify the potential keywords they could use in relation to their search queries and use them in your content.

Optimizing your website for Keywords will help you rank higher on your target audience’s searches.

The higher you rank on SERPs the more trustworthy and reliable your brand will seem to prospective buyers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is increasingly becoming a way of life for most people. As the global internet coverage increases, more and more people are using social media.

Social media is increasingly becoming important in influencing purchasing decisions; 86% of women look at social media reviews before buying products.

Your social media pages should be interesting and engaging. Your audience will interact more with you if your brand seems personable.

All your posts do not have to be product or service related. You are unlikely to go wrong with inspiring or funny material.

Ensure that you post regularly and respond to comments and messages promptly. The aim is to increase brand awareness and retain relevance.

It is important to synchronize your social channels with your website. This way, you can use social media activity to drive traffic to your site.

Use Video Content on Your Digital Marketing Channels

In the recent past video content has become the most in-demand type of online content. This is because video content is very engaging. There are over 5 billion videos watched every day on YouTube alone.

Research shows that nine out of ten viewers say that product videos are important in their decision-making process.

Pay per Click Advertising

Pay per Click advertising (PPC) is a marketing method that involves bidding to get sponsored ads on platforms such as Facebook and Google.

The advertisements are keyword based. Remember to identify and use the most relevant keywords. This will ensure your ad appears on SERPs when people search for products and services like the ones you offer.

PPC has the following benefits:

  • They increase traffic and boost sales in a short period as your ads are targeted to people who are looking for products similar to yours
  • The results are easy to measure as monitoring the views, clicks, costs and profits is straight forward
  • Immunity from changes to SEO or Google algorithm changes
  • Allows you to capitalize on sudden changes

Pay per Click advertisements are a powerful way of increasing brand awareness. A good thing is that you only have to pay for them when someone clicks on the ad and is redirected to your website.

Affiliate Marketing

This is also known as referral, influencer or partner marketing. Affiliate marketing involves two brands working together for a mutually beneficial advertising campaign.

Generally, one party markets the other’s products and services on their platform.

The rewards are performance-based. Affiliate marketers are usually rewarded for specific metrics. These could be clicks or sales that result from their efforts.

Why Should You Embrace Digital Marketing?

Compared to traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing channels have a broader reach. They are relatively cheaper and also have a higher ROI and more measurable metrics.

As you step up your marketing campaign, you should also put in place some growth strategies. They will help you ensure your company scales up as well as controls that growth.

Check out this page to learn more about growth strategies to help your business succeed online.