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7 Stunning Kitchen Design Trends in 2019

When you work from home, it’s easy to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s often the place where people go when they’re avoiding work or taking a break. You want to make sure that it’s a great space to be in.

You’re going to need to know the latest kitchen design trends. A kitchen remodel gets about a 69% return on the investment because it increases the home’s value.

That is, as long as the remodel design follows the latest trends. A brand new kitchen that looks like it was remodeled in the 1970s won’t do much for your home’s value.

1. Lighting Design Matters

How you light your kitchen matters. You want to be able to see what you’re cooking over the stove and cutting up things during meal prep.

Lighting can also be used to set the mood in your kitchen, too. The design of the lights can be bold pendulum lights or simple vintage Edison light bulbs. Lights will give your kitchen plenty of style while giving you enough light to cook.

2. Granite Still Reigns

Yes, granite countertops are still supreme in kitchen design. They’re incredibly durable and give you so much flexibility.

You can choose a granite countertop that has patterns to match your personality and color to match the rest of the kitchen. Granite adds elegance to your kitchen along with style.

3. Sustainability Matters

Your appliances and kitchen design should also be environmentally sustainable. That consideration is good for the planet and for your budget.

On average, Energy Star rated dishwasher only costs $35 a year to run, while saving over 30,000 gallons of water.

Keep that in mind when you’re choosing all of your appliances and materials for your kitchen.  

4. Two-Toned Kitchens

It’s almost official. The all white kitchen is out. This is no longer a trend. What’s replacing it? This is an interesting one because you’ll start to see wood and white kitchens instead.

Kitchens that have cabinets or storage spaces with a wood skeleton and white drawers are becoming more common. The idea is that the white of the drawers will pop, instead of getting lost in the sea of white kitchens.

5. Colored Cabinets Are In

Since the all-white look is no longer a thing, what will replace all-white cabinets?

Colors. Lots of colors. Black cabinets, blue cabinets, and even pink cabinets are among the top kitchen design trends.

This is quite the reversal from the classic all-white look. Designers and homeowners are opting for personality touches and they want their kitchens to make a statement.

6. Concealed Storage Spaces

One of the things that are incredibly noticeable is that kitchen cabinets are using clean lines and concealed storage spaces. What that means is that the drawers don’t have hardware or handles that stick out.

Think of a door handle of a Tesla. That’s a concealed door handle. It doesn’t stick out like most door handles.

Now, if only where you can find where you put the baking sheets…

7. Smart Homes and Smarter Kitchens

This is going to be a growing kitchen design trend for years to come. Yes, the smart home has entered the kitchen.

Lighting can be controlled through an app. Your faucet can have a motion sensor. Your refrigerator can tell you when you need to get groceries. Your coffee maker can be connected to WiFi.

How to Design Your Dream Kitchen

Now that you know what’s in, how do you go about designing your dream kitchen? It’s as easy as following these steps.

Plan it Out

Just like starting a business, you’ll need to plan the kitchen remodel out. You’ll want to take an objective look at your kitchen. Look at what works well and what doesn’t work well.

Is there enough space for two or more people to comfortably be in the kitchen? Are you constantly tripping over your partner’s feet while you’re both trying to cook?

You want to make sure that you have enough space, lighting, and freedom in your kitchen. Make a list of what you’d want to change in your kitchen.

The Remodel Budget

Kitchen remodels aren’t cheap. You’re going to pay for plumbing, electrical, work permits, cabinets, and appliances.

Take your list of changes, and come up with a ballpark budget. You’ll also want to add 10-15% of the cost to the budget in case something goes wrong. Once you have that, then figure out how you’ll finance the project. That could be through savings or a renovation loan.

You may have to knock a few things off of your list to accommodate your budget. Go through your list and figure out what the must-have items are and what items aren’t absolutely necessary.

Bring in Professionals

Now, you’re ready to bring in professionals. It always helps to have a solid plan before you bring in the professionals because you can easily communicate your vision.

The best case scenario is to bring in a company that has both design and remodel services. That way, you’re only working with one company. That will save from potential headaches of dealing with a designer and contractors separately.

Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Your kitchen is often the focal point of entertainment. You want to make sure that it’s spacious, comfortable, and designed well.

These kitchen design trends help you make sure that your kitchen is current and fun to be in. After all, no one likes to be in a dark or dated kitchen.

Instead, use these trends that combine the best of lighting, cabinetry, and technology to make your kitchen bright, warm, and welcoming.

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