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7 Tips on Advertising Healthcare Services with Social Media

In 2018, healthcare around the world was worth over 8 billion. 

These costs are associated with health insurance, paying for surgeries, doctor visits, and other kinds of medical services. 

However, before a hospital can accumulate profit from a client, they must build trust. They have to provide awareness to their core customers. People want to choose a hospital that the can trust. 

They want a hospital that has a reputation for successful surgeries and positive experience for mom’s who are going to have a baby. The experience is essential and it’s why the medical industry needs advertising. 

Advertising healthcare services provide a glimpse into what people will experience when they visit a hospital. 

For a hospital to successfully implement social media into their marketing, they need to know the 7 tips that can make them successful. 

1. Understand HIPPA Rules

First and foremost, before healthcare industries advertise on social media, they need to ensure that they are HIPPA compliant. 

HIPPA protects the privacy of people’s information. It keeps it secure and away from public knowledge. 

If you want to advertise on social media, you can’t disclose someone’s information and advertise without their consent. You have to have approval from the patient or don’t advertise about the patient at all. 

2. Show Your Speciality on Social Media

When you do advertise on social media, you should do more than advertise general health services. Don’t promote general health, promote specific health. 

Be specific with your services. 

If your hospital or practice offers a specific service like internal medicine, your social media post and advertisements should focus on that. When you advertise a specific service, you are separating yourself from the competition. 

Your medical practice is able to stand out more and target an audience better. Your audience will be able to see how your services are different besides being a general medical practice. 

Overall, Advertising surgeries, whole person impairment, or children’s medical services is a terrific way to show how your services are unique and are a pinpoint service to a specific audience. 

3. Promote Brand Awareness

Similar to showing your specialty, you should promote your brand awareness on social media. 

That means giving people an experience to remember. It’s showing people what the outcome is when they choose your medical service. It’s showing them what they will experience when seeing a doctor for a specific need. 

One way to promote brand awareness is to show your specialty but also highlight the customer journey. Show your clients what it’s like to miss out on their healthcare services. 

Then show your core audience what it’s like to experience their medical service. Show them how easy it is to schedule an appointment and have their needs to take care of. 

4. Don’t Make Healthcare Boring or Depressing

Don’t make the mistake of making your healthcare boring on social media. You also shouldn’t make it depressing or about death. 

Again, it’s important to talk about the positive outcome when someone makes an appointment and has a medical need taken care of when they visit your medical service. 

Social media is a great opportunity to advertise these positive outcomes. Don’t talk about the negatives and why someone needs to come to the hospital. Don’t talk about strokes or death. 

Instead, your advertising should highlight the precious moments in life and how you can enjoy these moments 10x better if they go to your medical clinic. 

5. Offer Helpful Information 

Another tip is to provide helpful information on social media. 

Your medical practice can offer guides on medical information your core audience may not have been aware of. 

Don’t hold stuff back. Give information away that helps increase trust. In order for your core audience to trust you, they need information that is going to help them.

6. Have Your Employees Advertise

If your medical industry has nurses or EMTs, it’s important for them to be the voice of your brand. 

When your employees post on social media, they are advocating your brand. They are showing how they are helping people and presenting a positive image for your industry. 

In addition, employees advocating by posting pictures of them with patients is a way to normalize your advertising. It shows events of nurses or other medical staff with patients that your core audience can relate with. 

A lot of times these pictures are genuine and show courage and heart in what happens in the medical profession. It’s a way to convey a positive message to your audience and how you can support them. 

7. Let Patients Show Their Experience

Lastly, the best way for someone to trust your medical service and truly understand if it’s right for them is to hear from someone that had the same service. 

Patients are the best advocates of what your medical service provides. When patients post on social media about the great treatment they had with your healthcare services, it doesn’t violate HIPPA and it’s a positive message. 

Why Advertising Healthcare Services Is Critically Important

Advertising healthcare services is critically important for many reasons. One of the reasons is because it helps your brand. It helps show people what they will experience when they visit your clinic. 

Ultimately, advertising your services is a great way to promote your unique services and show how you can help people. It’s also a great way to show how your team is involved and how they can help people. 

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