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8 Awesome Office Decorating Ideas to Personalize Your Work Space

Nobody wants to go to an ugly, boring office every day. Check out these awesome office decorating ideas to help you personalize your space and make it a place you love coming to every day.

Having a well-decorated office is better to look at, but it can also impact how productive you are while at work. It’s hard to get inspired by a dull, boring office that looks and feels sterile.

Personalizing your space and creating an awesome office vibe will make it much easier to get up and go to work every day, and you’ll be happier once you’re there. You may even find inspiration in your surroundings.

Below, we’ve put together a list of cool things for desk and tips on how to personalize your office space. Read on to learn more, and start decorating!

1. Planets and Flowers

Bring the outside world inside your office by decorating with plants and flowers. Adding this type of natural element will improve the look of things, and will also make the space feel fresher and less stuffy.

To get maximum impact for minimal work, go with succulent plants. They’re easy to take care of and are an essential element for modern office looks.

2. Table Lamps

If the overhead lighting of your office doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. You can personalize your desk by adding small table lamps.

Adding your own desk lamp is a great way to marry form and function. Having extra light will help you see and perform better, but it’s also a great way to add a unique design element. Look for lamps with a cool, modern shape or bright color.

3. Creative Signage

If you want cool things for your desk that will add personality and grab attention, you should look into creating custom street signs. A street sign is a bold graphic look that will make your space stand out. Customize it with a clever message or a fun saying that will inspire you each time you see it.

4. Personal Pictures

If you really want to know how to personalize your office space, look no further than your own life! Bring in photographs that capture your friends, your family, and your favorite memories. Being surrounded by these mementos can inspire you, and can give you the boost you need to keep going during a hard day.

5. A Sweet Treat

Everyone knows that a piece of candy can be a much-needed treat in the middle of a busy workday. Having a candy bowl on your desk is also a great way to make your office space a little friendlier.

Stock a colorful bowl with your favorite treat, and watch your co-workers flock. You’ll get to know people better, and you’ll have a sweet bite anytime you need it.

6. A Bulletin Board

A bulletin board can and should be more than just a place for flyers and memos. It should be a place of inspiration. Create a bulletin board that excites you by adding magazine pages, or words of affirmation. You can even make stand out by filling in important dates with different colored pens or markers.

7. Artwork

If you have a favorite painting or piece of art, you should consider framing a print of it and adding it to your office decor. Choose something that makes you feel confident and creative.

Don’t worry about whether or not it’s technically good or critically acclaimed. The best art is the art you love, so let that idea be your guide.

8. Colorful Organization

You have to keep your office space neat, but that doesn’t mean that organization has to be boring. You can have a well-kept office that’s also fun.

When you’re shopping for office supplies like binders, pen jars, or paper clips, look for bright colors. The items will be functional, but they’ll also add personality to your space.

Ready to Shop for Awesome Office Decor?

You spend so much time at work, so it makes sense that you would want the space to feel personal to you. With a few simple upgrades, you can create an awesome office that you’ll look forward to coming into.

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