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A Helpful Step by Step Guide to Starting a Junk Removal Business

Does running a junk removal business sound like it would be profitable? It is for many people.

Not everyone has time to clear out all their old things themselves. That’s why there are now more than 12,000 waste removal companies in the United States.

Do you think you can make a dent in the market? This post will help you get started on the right path. Below are five steps you need to take when starting a junk removal business.

1. Find Your Ideal Customer

You have limited resources when you’re first starting your business. If you try to target everyone, then you may run short on luck. This means you must focus on specific demographics.

When you do this, you can create more targetted marketing materials. Creating more focused advertising means you can better speak to the customers that you’re targetting and make more sales.

2. Get Your Paperwork Done

Sure, you could get started without starting a legal business. But then you miss out on the protections forming a company brings.

Starting a business means that you’re forming a layer of protection between you and your services. If a legal issue happens, your company is liable in most cases and not yourself. This will also allow you to buy business insurance to protect you in case accidents happen.

3. Get a Good Hauling Vehicle

While it doesn’t take much money to start a junk removal business, there are some costs you need to take care of before you get started. The biggest one is a vehicle to haul the trash away.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. A used truck or van will work. The biggest thing you’re looking for is reliability.

4. Develop a Web Presence

What’s better than a 24/7 salesperson? Unfortunately, you can’t do that with people. But a website can do that job for you.

Make sure you set up a web presence so your potential customers can find you on the internet. Connect your site to social websites like Facebook so you can get in front of people in all the places they hang out online.

5. Create Local Content on Your Website

If you write general content on your website, it can be hard to show up for local search results. You need to incorporate the areas where you operate into your content, so you begin showing up for people looking for local companies.

One way to do this is by creating pages specific to your services in each area you service. Write keyword-rich content about why you are the best choice for someone looking to hire a local company.

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Starting a Junk Removal Business Takes Work

Don’t jump straight into starting a junk removal business. Make sure you do your research and create a plan so you can focus on the areas that will make you a success. When you do the proper planning, you’ll be able to maximize your chance of success.

Do you want to learn more about starting a business? Head back to our blog to figure out what else you need to know.