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A Quick Guide to Tesla Maintenance Costs

In 2020, Tesla sold nearly 500,000 vehicles and became the number 1 EV car manufacturer in America. These new vehicles are complex electric machines whose care diverges from traditional car maintenance tenants.

So, if you’re a new Tesla owner or thinking about becoming one, you should know the care and money that goes into maintaining and repairing it. In this guide, we review some quick, basic Tesla maintenance tips and the related tesla maintenance costs.

Check For Recalls

Tesla doesn’t have a very active history of recalls, which is good news for Tesla owners. However, that doesn’t mean you should be complacent with your Tesla.

If you’re planning on buying a Tesla, it’s crucial that you find out if your vehicle has any outstanding recalls. Recalls happen when a manufacturer recognizes that they have sold vehicles with faulty parts and will repair them for free.

They’re an essential part of owning a car and help keep you safe. If you want to learn more about vehicle recalls, check out www.safecar.gov. And remember, even if there are no major issues or recalls, you should take your car in for regular service.

Regular Tesla Maintenance Costs

Teslas require certain services at different time and mileage intervals. If you’re not sure what these are or how much they cost, it’s worth calling your local Tesla service center and asking them to walk you through a recommended maintenance schedule for your car.

They can also help you decide if any of these recommended services need to be performed immediately or if they can wait until your annual service appointment. Some common maintenance services and their costs are as follows:

  • Check and Replace Brake Fluid ($100)
  • A/C Service and Refresh ($50)
  • Replace Cabin Air Filter ($60-$200)
  • Full-Service Maintenance ($475 or more)

Remember, scheduling your regular maintenance can prevent minor issues from turning into major ones. Always plan ahead and stay up to date with your Tesla maintenance schedule.

Collision Repair Costs

When it comes to vehicle repairs, nothing is more financially taxing than the costs of collision repairs. Tesla body repair and related collision repair costs also tend to be higher than their traditional counterparts. This is because Tesla body panels are aluminum, which cannot be reworked like steel, and almost always needs replacement if it has sustained damage.

Also, these higher-tech electric vehicles require more expertise to repair than standard gas vehicles. So, labor costs on Tesla body repair are higher than other vehicles. As a result, Tesla owners have reported pre-insurance tesla repair costs of up to 45,000 for minor damage.

Of course, it is impossible to determine exact prices until an expert examines your vehicle. If you want a more accurate estimate on repair costs for your Tesla, contact a Tesla Body Shop today.

More Tesla Maintenance Tips and Guides

Overall, Tesla maintenance costs vary depending on your vehicle’s needs. While this guide overviewed some standard costs, we always recommend finding an expert mechanic who will give you a fair quote.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tesla maintenance or want other auto guides, check out the posts on our Auto blog today!