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Are You a Shopaholic? Here’s How to Stop Shopping Addiction

There’s a unique joy associated with shopping that’s difficult to find anywhere else. Even online shopping has a notable amount of satisfaction when clicking ‘Order.’

Unfortunately, shopping can easily develop into an addiction if your habits aren’t managed properly. But, it’s not as difficult as you may think to manage this issue.

Not quite sure how to begin? We’ve got all the info you need. Let’s explore everything you should keep in mind regarding how to stop shopping addiction.

Why Is Shopping So Addicting?

Interestingly, shopping can have the same effect on the human brain that drugs can.

When purchasing something new, your brain experiences a release of dopamine and endorphins. These are chemicals that are designed to make us feel good and are commonly experienced in situations that involve success, adrenaline, sex, etc.

Since shopping is such an easy way to experience this release, it’s not difficult to see why so many people fall victim to addiction of this type. This issue functions similarly to those who have an addiction to food, as it’s a quick action that brings a large spike in positivity.

Shopping addiction tends to develop when an individual is seeking to fill some sort of void in their life.

For example, someone may have a lot of disposable income that they earn through a job they hate. In order to distract themselves from this situation, they may routinely overspend on material goods.

Unfortunately, having a shopping addiction doesn’t always mean you have the disposable income to accommodate it. There are plenty of people out there who find themselves in a significant amount of debt due to this behavior.

If you’ve experienced debt due to a shopping addiction, you can contact Levitt and Slafkes to help discover what options are best for you. 

How Do I Know If I Have an Addiction?

Addiction in most forms is relatively easy to recognize if you’re on the outside looking in. Those who are experiencing the addiction, however, maybe entirely unaware that they have an issue.

In general, one of the most notable signs of a shopping addiction is the act of spending money ‘just because.’ There’s no end goal for your purchase and you don’t get much utility out of it.

This is commonly seen with individuals who spend thousands of dollars on designer clothing that they have no reason to wear. It would make sense for a celebrity or someone who receives a lot of public attention to consistently dress in high-quality clothing.

For someone who holds a regular office job and spends most of the free time with their family, purchasing designer clothes often isn’t a good investment.

Typical signs of shopping addiction can include:

  • Buying things on sale just because they’re on sale
  • You’re spending way more than you’re able to afford while shopping
  • You tend to shock when you feel sad, angry, or disappointed

One of the other major signs is making purchases that are driven entirely by impulse.

For example, you may be scrolling through social media and find that there is a new release of sneakers from your favorite clothing brand. You may then immediately feel compelled to purchase them for yourself regardless of the price.

How to Stop It Once and for All

As previously mentioned, it isn’t as difficult as many people believe to confront and resolve a shopping addiction. Even taking small steps could significantly impact your overall quality of life and your bank account.

Let’s explore a few of the most notable.

Take Upon a Self-Imposed Challenge 

This is one of the most effective options for dealing with this type of behavior. By intentionally avoiding making any new purchases or limiting your spending for a certain period of time, you can make significant progress in managing your addiction.

This is especially true for those who tend to purchase new items multiple times per week. 

Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists

For some individuals, temptation can be difficult to overcome.

Receiving emails about promotions, new releases, etc. from your favorite brands can be nearly impossible to resist. Although it may seem painful at first, consider unsubscribing from this mailing list so that you don’t have the compulsion to spend money on unnecessary purchases. 

Avoid Spending Triggers

If particular emotions tend to make you feel the urge to shop, avoid things that make you feel that way.

For example, many people buy new clothes when they’re sad. If you can eliminate the number of situations in your life where you feel sad or depressed, you’ll feel less inclined to shop on a regular basis.

Of course, this is much easier said than done in many cases. But, it’s a small step you can take toward living a better life. 

Fulfill Yourself in Other Ways

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, most of us buy new clothes or accessories in order to impress other people. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be liked and admired, having this behavior overtake your life will only lead to severe complications in the future.

If you find that you make new purchases to feel better about your appearance, consider focusing on other aspects of your appearance instead. This could include eating healthier, exercising more, improving your hairstyle, etc. 

Understanding How to Stop Shopping Addiction Seem Complicated

But the above information will make the process far smoother.

From here, you’ll be able to understand exactly how to stop shopping addiction and avoid all of the pitfalls associated with it in the future.

Want to learn more info you should keep in mind? Be sure to explore what the rest of our blog has to offer.