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Business Success 101: Building a Business Requires These 9 Things

Being a business builder means you have to think about things that don’t even cross other people’s minds.

While there are over 600,000 new businesses that start each year, that doesn’t mean all of these businesses will survive. You need to make sure you’re putting best practices in place to ensure your business thrives.

Continue reading this article to learn about how to succeed in building a business.

Must-Know Tips for Building a Business

Understanding the best ways to operate in business will allow you to navigate some of the most common pitfalls. There are plenty of people that are missing many important parts to their business for lack of knowledge but we’re here to make sure that isn’t you.

1. Retain a Highly-Respected Attorney

When you’re building a business, you should find a law firm you can trust. You need to make sure that your protected and operating legally in your area. Many business owners put off putting a lawyer on retainer for as long as possible but you shouldn’t be one of them.

If you have a serious legal problem in your business, you want to have a respected attorney on retainer.

2. Organization to the Max

If your business affairs aren’t in order, your day-to-day operations are going to suffer. Not only will your day-to-day operations suffer but you’ll also find yourself in a mess when it comes down to tax time.

Everything in your business needs to be organized so you know where to find important records and tasks that you need to follow up on. Creating a simple to-do list is a good way to get started as you’re looking into more sophisticated ways to keep your business in order.

Some of the organization tools you might look into are QuickBooks, Slack, and Asana for a good start.

3. Pay Attention to the Competition

If you think that you’re going to take the competition down without knowing anything about them — think again. Not only should you look at what they’re doing right now but you should also look at what they’ve done in the past.

You may be able to learn strategies you should avoid from their past mistakes. This alone could save you thousands of dollars.

4. Ability to Assess Risk and Reward

If you’re constantly taking risks on low reward activities, you’re not likely to get the results that you want. Instead, take risks on things that offer a major payout or at least take small risks on small payoffs.

As you’re building your experience in your industry, you’ll develop your ability to assess risk and reward. Always study similar situations both current and past to get some idea of how other people in your industry handle these situations.

5. Good Record Keeping

Save yourself a lot of pain and struggle by keeping good records. If you don’t know where you’ve been and where you are, you can’t figure out where you’re going.

When you keep good records, you’ll stay out of trouble with the IRS when it comes to tax time and you’ll know exactly what you owe. You’ll also be able to analyze your records to help when it comes time to make important decisions in your business.

6. Creativity

If you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you’re going to have to be creative. You have to create solutions to problems that come up on the regular. You have to learn how to communicate creatively so people understand your marketing message and more.

If you’re not the creative type, you need to find a partner that is creative and learn how to run with the good ideas. 

7. Focus

When you’re building a business, it can be easy to get side-tracked. Make sure that you don’t allow small things to take you off your target for the big goal.

If you fail to develop your focus, you’ll find that you don’t reach any of your goals because you’ve been off chasing things that don’t matter to your core business.

Set a specific goal that you’ll achieve by a certain time and don’t let anything take your mind off that goal no matter how attractive the potential pay off is.

8. Consistency

If you’re putting in the effort one day and the next day you’re off your game, your business is going to suffer. You have to continue to put in the work day after day. 

Put the items for your to-do list on it the day before and then make sure you get all of those items checked off as soon as possible. If there are other things that you want to do for that day — that’s fine. You just have to make sure that you get the key things done consistently each day.

9. Cash Reserves

You never know when bad luck is going to strike your business. You should have as much cash as possible saved up so that you don’t get in trouble when it comes around to paying business bills and keeping the doors of your business open.

You’ll find that no matter how much time you put into projecting your success, bad things can happen and having extra cash never hurt anyone.

Increase Your Business Knowledge

If you’re set on building a business, you need to make sure that you increase your business knowledge. The rules of business may not change but there are always new techniques and tools that you need to learn.

Head over to our starting a business section to see if there are any important parts that you missed doing when you started your business.