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Cloud Computing for Business vs Web Hosting: Strategies for Beginners

Are you a business owner looking to choose between web hosting and cloud computing?  Well, if you have found yourself in this situation, then you are not alone. Many business owners often find themselves confusing web hosting for cloud computing.

But, what exactly is cloud computing for business? How different is it from web hosting? Stick around, and I will tell you the key difference between these two types of services.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing involves using all the services related to internet access. Whether it’s logging into a website or using an application on your mobile phone, you are using cloud computing as the information contained in the website is stored in serves which are located in the cloud.

Cloud Computing for Business

Households have adopted cloud computing and cloud-based services faster than business. Many businesses have been afraid of using external servers for their business due to the fear of insecurity. However, this case is changing since 2018; more than 45% of all the multinational companies were reported to have embraced cloud computing.  

 What Types of Services Do I Get in Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing businesses offer a broad range of services, including remote web hosting and linking clients to the information stored on websites. These vendors act as the senders of information to clients who look for information through the website domain. 

Web Hosting

Web hosting is similar to cloud computing, but it’s limited to offering services to a single client per server. Web hosting companies maintain the servers and store the website content for other business so that clients can have access to the information contained in the website.

Web Hosting Services

Web hosting companies provide various services to businesses. First, they build and maintain serves that they use of host websites. Web hosting companies have a variety of web hosting services that you can choose from, including shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, and Managed Hosting.

Web hosting companies also offer technical support and assistance for businesses to manage their websites, even limited coding knowledge. These companies also provide software maintenance services to their clients. To learn more about software maintainability, kindly visit the services tab on our website.

The Difference?

So, what’s the difference between cloud computing and web hosting? In cloud computing, clients and vendors are connected wirelessly or through IP connected networks. Data is stored in multiple remote servers in the cloud.

Web hosting, on the other hand, is limited to hosting and maintaining the server space for different websites. Each website occupies a server space in which it uses to store information. Web hosting companies are responsible for maintaining the space and the contents of websites.

Which Is Better?

Cloud computing is better as it can offer remote web hosting services too. This type of services is also beneficial in that a different server can be used to host a website in case the current host server is slow.

However, it is worth noting that cloud computing is more expensive compared to web hosting due to the superiority of the services that the former offers.

Cloud Computing for Your Business

Cloud computing for business is something that you should consider if you are looking forward to joining the computing business. These type of services is different and much better than ordinary web hosting services.

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