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Commercial Break: The CDL Requirements for the State of Florida

Does a career on the open road–full of adventure, freedom, and financial incentive–appeal to you?

The life of a professional driver may not seem glamorous, but many who choose this job enjoy the perks.

However, before you can begin earning income as a truck driver, you must first lawfully acquire a commercial drivers license for the state of Florida.

Obtaining a CDL in the sunshine state is not a difficult ordeal. But it does take time and money as an initial investment.

As well, there are a few optional steps that can help you stand the best chance of meeting all the requirements for a CDL.

Read on to learn the CDL requirements in Florida, and the best plan for earning a living on the road!

Basic CDL Requirements in Florida

There are first a few key requirements that anyone who applies for CDL must meet. Here is a list of the essentials before you consider getting your CDL. 

1. Ensure All Basic Requirements Are Met

Anyone who applies for a commercial driver permit must first have their Florida drivers license. This requires a vision test and a road test, as well as passing a multiple choice exam.

You must also have proof of legal residence in Florida, and a social security number.

Then, a medical examiner must sign off on a Medical Examiner’s Certificate, and you must certify that you are in agreement with state motor carrier safety regulations.

2. Fill out the CDL Application Form 

The initial step after you’ve met all the basic requirements is to fill out an application form for a CDL at any DMV office. You will first have to apply for a commercial driving permit.

3. Pay the Fee

Pay the fee for the CDP so that you can begin your training process for the knowledge exam.

4. Consider a Training Class

While training courses are not required in the state of Florida, they can be extremely helpful in passing the costly knowledge exam. A resource such as this Florida DMV site can offer guidance.

5. Pass the CDL Knowledge Exam

In order to pass the CDL knowledge exam, it is important to study and train using the Florida DMV CDL manual.

6. Pass the Vision Screening 

If you require eyeglasses or contacts, always wear them to the vision screening, as it not worth the risk of failing.

7. Take the Road Test

The second to final step is a road test conducted by a third party. You can find a list of statewide contracted testing sites here.

8. Pay the License and Endorsement Fees

Finally, after you have completed all the necessary steps, you simply pay the license and endorsement fees and you are good to go.

Start Commerical Driving in No Time

With a solid plan, you could be driving with your commercial license in no time. Simply follow these CDL requirements and you should be golden.

Moreover, within a few months, this license can pay for itself. The reality is that truck driving can be a very lucrative job.

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