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Do I Need a Lawyer? 7 Times You May Want One

Owing a small debt can become a legal issue. So can a DWI or DUI. While they’re both legal matters, one requires legal representation, the other doesn’t.

Clearly differentiating between the two is important because not all cases need a lawyer. So, if you have an issue that has the potential to go to court, the first thing you need to ask is “do I need a lawyer?”.

If you’re in doubt, the following are instances where a lawyer is necessary. 

Getting Married and Divorced

Getting married is exciting, and can be amazing if you marry the right person. But, since there are no guarantees, it’s always better to have an ironclad prenup signed before you get wedded.

This has become more important in the face of an alarming 35 percent divorce rate.  While there are those who would say that this is a far cry from the erstwhile 50 percent divorce rate, the reality is that it’s still too high. 

Whatever the case, you’ll need a lawyer for both scenarios; even if you decide to opt for an out of court settlement. 

Personal Injury Claims

It’s not unusual for accident victims to ask the “do I need a lawyer” question. Truth is as long as the accident resulted in personal injury, they need a lawyer to get the highest compensation possible.

Seasoned personal injury lawyers help accident victims get the compensation that’s due them. You can read more here if you’re interested. 

The point is, you probably won’t get the max compensation possible if you don’t hire a good lawyer for your personal injury cases.  

Business Contracts and Agreements

Business done right can be very financially rewarding. But, when you’re going into a partnership, you better make sure you’re protected.

This is where you need a lawyer. They’ll not only help draw up contracts, but they’ll also interpret the contracts drawn up by the other parties. This can save you a lot of heartache in the future, particularly when the terms don’t favor you.

So, before you sign that deal, contract or agreement, get a lawyer to look through it. Remember, it’s not personal. It’s business. 

Wrongful Termination at the Workplace

If your job is terminated, you have two options. Either seek redress in a court of law or accept your fate.

The former is more important if you feel that you’re a victim of wrongful termination. With 10 percent of all wrongful termination suits resulting in a $1 million payout, you might want to go to court.

In this instance, you have to ask yourself “do I need a lawyer” to represent me? Most of the time, you do. This is because there are usually state and federal laws involved.

We’re guessing you didn’t know that. Well, only a lawyer will know how to navigate these laws and help you secure the justice and compensation you so ardently seek.

Where Else Do I Need a Lawyer?

If there are other situations where you should ask the “do I need a lawyer?” question, it’d be during real estate deals, immigration and relocation, and creating and revising wills and trusts.

Others include DUI charges, denial of claims compensation by an insurance company, and denial of a disability claim. If you need more information about lawyers and how they can help you, visit the At Your Business blog.