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Does a Pool Add Value to Your Home? Check Out 5 Ways to Raise Your Home’s Appraisal Value

People are rapidly waking up to the value of home upgrades. In fact, surveys suggest nearly 60 percent of people in the United States are prepared to make home renovations. 

That’s because homeowners can boost their home’s value with the right additions. But it isn’t always easy to know exactly what adds value to a home appraisal.

We’re here to help. We’ve listed five ways to up a home’s value. Read on to see five ways to get more out of a home.

What Adds Value to a Home Appraisal?

Last year, homeowners in the United States spent nearly $400 billion on renovations. And that money can mean big returns when it comes time to sell

But if it’s put in the wrong place, homeowners could be burning money on upgrades with little return on investment. That means it’s important to know what adds value to a home appraisal.

Wondering if things like a pool can add value to a property? Here are the top ways to improve a home’s value:

1. Make It Attractive

So, does a pool add value to your home? In some cases, it can.

That’s because the more attractive the home is, the better it will sell. If the home is in an area where a pool is practical, it could be a good investment. And homeowners interested in adding a pool can shop these pools.

But the best way to approach renovations is to think about adding anything that improves the look of a home. That might mean paint upgrades or improving a home’s curb appeal with landscaping.

2. Build Efficiency

A home’s value can increase dramatically when it becomes efficient. That’s because energy efficiency saves the homeowner on a daily basis. 

Some good ways to improve efficiency include putting in LED lighting or improving attic insulation.

3. Build Smart Functions

More and more, people are turning to smart homes that make daily life easy. That means things like remote-controlled thermostats, security systems, and remote locks.

Smart homes are interconnected and can usually be operated using voice commands. That means adjusting lighting or a room’s temperature without leaving the room.

4. Lower the Need for Maintenance

Homeowners don’t want to have to worry about constant maintenance. That means it’s a good idea to replace things like water heaters and roofing.

These simple upgrades can help prevent big disasters in the future. And that can bring the buyer peace of mind.

5. Add Practical Space

Bigger homes tend to fetch a higher price. So, adding square footage can be a good way to boost value. 

An easy way to accomplish this is to add another room to the property. But there are less obvious ways to add functional space.

Consider building out a deck or garage. Another good way to add value is to finish a basement. This can add a whole living layer to a home that might otherwise go unused.

More in Renovation and Construction

These top five tips should help homeowners understand what adds value to a home appraisal. And we can help homeowners find the top contractors out there.

Check out our directory page here to connect with construction or appraisal experts.