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Dream of Owning a Pet Boutique? Here’s How to Start an Online Store

Did you know the pet industry reached $86 billion in 2018?

Interested in starting a pet boutique but not sure how to start an online store? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll cover some of the basics steps you’ll need to complete.

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How to Start an Online Store

Starting an online store requires a lot of research and resources. You’ll need to spend time researching your competition, what stores tend to sell, and note what sells best.

Make a Business Plan

Coming up with a business plan helps focus your attention on what your business will sell and to whom. When you go to seek financial aid, you’ll appear professional.

Think about the purpose of your business and how you’ll market it. Include some ideas about advertising and promotions. If you’re targeting a specific pet, like a Parti Yorkshire Terrier, take your time to research them more.

Research your competition. Write down the number of employees you’ll hire and your financial needs for startup.

Financing Your Business

Where will your startup money come from? You could apply for a business loan from your local bank or a Small Business Administration loan.

Set up a merchant account with your local bank so you can put your startup funds away. You’ll need this account when you start to sell your products and pay employees.

Create a Unique Domain Name

Take your time thinking about the domain name you’ll choose for your online business. Try and select something that will stand out to your customers. Research names and pet stores online. You’ll see what’s taken already.

Keep your domain name short and unique. Choose one that includes a keyword that will show up in search engines. Register your domain name, so it’s yours and isn’t selected by anyone.

Find Reliable Suppliers

Think about what items you’ll sell in your online pet store. After, research established suppliers unless you’re making the products. Instead of selecting one supplier, pick a few in case one of them runs out of the product or closes shop.

If you’re producing your own items, plan to have enough resources and products, so you don’t run out.

Get a Well-Designed Website

Unless you’re a web designer, you may want to hire a designer to create your pet store website. Find someone who has experience with eCommerce websites.

Ask your network if they recommend any web designers. If you see a site you love, ask who they chose for their web designer. If you have a meeting with a designer, ask to see examples of their previous work.

A good designer will cost you so set aside some money within your budget for this. You want something that’s easy to navigate and professional looking.

Want to Learn More?

We hope this article on how to start an online store helped you! Take your time to research a domain name and what supplier you’ll order from.

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