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Facebook Page vs Group: Which Is Better for Your Business?

Have you used Facebook’s revolutionary marketing tools for your business? It can increase your return on investment hugely, allowing you to target specific demographics on the platform. All of this starts with opening a page or group, and you should know the pros and cons of both when starting out. 

Both have advantages and disadvantages that we can help you understand. Read on for our must-know guide on the Facebook page vs group debate.

Facebook Pages

A Facebook page is the equivalent of a profile page. However, it is used for non personal means. This means they are great for groups, businesses and celebrity or public personas. 

Pages can be run by multiple individuals. As they also have a host of analytical tools, this means they are a great prospect for businesses. You can set a team to work on them and build your profile up quickly. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a much more social place. They are designed for people of similar interests to meet up and discuss hobbies or activities. 

Like pages, you can have a number of people working on the group. However, your personal profile will be flagged as the administrator, so others can see who you are. 

Facebook Page Advantages

The Facebook page keeps your profile and that of the people working on the page, private. This is great for security and gives a much more formal, business like approach. Posts can be scheduled and promoted easily, meaning it is very effective for content marketing. 

All of your page promotion and post promotion also benefits from detailed analytics. Facebook ads can be targeted at certain demographics from the page, meaning you can easily find an audience. 

Facebook Page Disadvantages

The content on a page is reliant on the people who run it. If they don’t post, nothing will happen in the group, interaction and engagement will fall and you get less leads. You can find more about Facebook lead gen here. 

Pages are public, so anyone can follow them. This means if you want privacy, it is not the right option. 

Facebook Group Advantages

A Facebook group is a more social place. Others can share and post content for discussion, meaning it is not always down to the administrators to provide content. 

You also have a lot more control over who joins the group and what they say or post. You can set entrance questions, moderate discussions, and ban members who break rules. 

Facebook Group Disadvantages

Facebook groups do not have analytics, so it can be hard to use them to find your audience. As groups are often private, you only reach people who are already interested in your service or product, unlike pages, which reach further. Finally, with increased freedom for interaction, it is left to the administrators to moderate all content and police the group. 

Facebook Page vs Group

In summary, the Facebook page vs group debate comes down to business and social factors. For places to share business news and content, opt for a page. If you want to build a social climate for customers, then go for a group. 

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