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Game On: Bring in Customers and Improve Foot Traffic in Your Gaming Business with These Tips

Increasing foot traffic is the number one thing you can do today to improve your retail sales.

As a business owner or manager, it can be frustrating to see people walk past your store and not come in. More people walking in equals more profits, it’s that simple.

Still, many arcades or gaming businesses struggle with this key element of success. Online shopping is seen as easier and cheaper, and customers just aren’t coming into brick and mortar stores in droves.

There are ways that you can solve this problem. Keep reading for the top tips on bringing in customers and getting more foot traffic.

A Display Window

A great window display tells a story and entices customers to know more about your offerings. Set up a gameboard that appears to have a game in progress. Or display comics that are part of a series with figurines that are part of that world.

QR Codes

Gamers are pretty tech savvy. So to increase customer traffic you can put a QR code with product details or and order link. If the codes are in the window, they can get more information even when you’re not open.

Do Something Newsworthy

The best way to get featured in the local press or a gaming publication is making sure you’ve got news to share. A great idea is to hold events and parties, like the arcade behind this website.

That way you won’t have to brainstorm how to drive traffic to your store, people will already be motivated to come in.

Another popular way to increase foot traffic is by holding an interactive contest. Everyone wants to win something, and by introducing an in-store component to it you ensure they actually step foot in your doors.

Free Wifi

If you’re not providing free WiFi for customers yet, you need to start. It’s been proven to make them spend more time in store.

Placing USB chargers can also help them to linger longer and show that the store cares about convenience for their buyers. By putting in these small touches you can make a store feel homey and welcoming.

Lounge Areas

Shopping should be a fun and comfortable experience. Give your store some atmosphere by creating lounge areas. Make it attractive by providing free refreshments or a game console.

A Sign

Finally, a good old sign can make all the difference. Most shop owners overlook this when thinking how to attract foot traffic. It’s a no-brainer Make sure you use bright colors and place your sign in a spot where it will stand out. 

Bring In Even More Foot Traffic   

Finally, a bonus tip: don’t forget about your online presence. According to Google, a majority of customers search online for local stores and around a quarter then make purchases. Your gaming store should have a Google Business Profile.

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