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Get Me Out of Here! 7 Ways to Speed Up Your Moving Process

Is your house happily cluttered and delightfully disorganized? Do you spend more than a few minutes looking for your TV remote, phone, and keys every day?

The good news is that you’re perfectly normal. The average American adult spends more than two days per year looking for common household items. So if you’re a bit messy at home, you’re in good company.

The not-so-good news is that if you’re planning a move, you will need to be super-organized. 

If you need some pro tips to stay on track during the moving process, this article’s for you. We’ll give you the inside scoop on moving and help you get started on your moving timeline.  

Packing Tips

The ideal time to start packing is about one month before you have to move. You should start with your bedrooms and finish with the kitchen.

If you have kids, you may want to sit with them and help them go through their belongings. Here are a few ways to get a head start on moving day.

1. Donate Unwanted Items

One of the best moving hacks we’ve seen involves donating things you don’t use any more. If you’re planning a big move, take a look around your home and see if you can donate any furniture or clothing before you leave. 

You’ll save money, help someone out, and lower your moving costs. Just give the donation center enough notice to schedule a pickup for larger items. 

2. Color-Coordinate Your Boxes

Need more tips on moving out of your current apartment? Go to your local dollar store and get some colored duct tape. 

Use a different color for each room and you won’t have to go on a search and rescue mission to find your coffee pot once you settle into your new place. 

Stickers can also be effective but could fall off during the moving process. Colorful duct tape is the way to go!

3. Pack a Backpack

Make sure that you pack a backpack with everyone’s birth certificates, social security cards, and other important paperwork. Kids should have their own backpacks with water, a change of clothes, and some snacks.

You might also want to fill out a travel itinerary form if you’re moving by airplane, bus, or train. Keep your tickets in your backpack as well. 

Whether you’ve sold your home through a realtor or opted for a fast cash sale, make sure to pack that paperwork, too. You can read this article for more info on selling your home quickly.

4. Set up New Utilities

It’s easy to forget to turn on the power at your new place, but if you’re moving with kids it’s a necessity. As soon as you know when you’re moving, call your new electric or gas company.

They may be able to turn your power on without you being there, but if not then try to schedule your installation for the first morning or afternoon you’ll be in your new home.

You don’t want to get stuck with pets or kids in a house with no power.  

5. Plan for Pets

One of the most essential tips for moving out revolves around your furry, four-legged friends. How are they going to get from your old place to your new home?

If you’re planning on putting them into pet crates, make sure that you stop along your route to let them stretch their legs. The same advice holds true for young children, who can get cranky if they’re forced to sit for too long. 

Before you move, take your fur babies to the vet’s office. Get a thorough checkup and make sure that they have all of their shots.

Unpacking Tips

So you’re at your new home in one piece. Everyone is pretty happy and you’ve managed to move without any issues. What is the first thing to tackle as you’re starting the unpacking process?

6. Arrange Furniture First

There’s a reason to tackle furniture first: it makes your new place feel a little more like home. If you’re moving children or pets, they can be a little skittish at first in a new place. 

Put together your living room as soon as you can after you arrive, and plan to order in. Set up your couches and have some family time as soon as you can.

If you want, you can make the first few nights into a family sleepover. Let the kids sleep in their sleeping bags and camp out with them. It might reassure them as they get used to their new home.

7. Make It Fun

Nobody loves unpacking, but you can speed up the process by letting your kids help you. Take pictures of each room before you move and let them try to match those pictures. 

Also, let them unpack their rooms and see how quickly they can put away their clothing. 

Take frequent rest breaks, but keep unpacking at least one box per day until you’re all settled into your new home. 

Take the First Step in the Moving Process

As you get started on the moving process, you should make sure to include this vital first step: Take a weekend or longer and take a vacation to your new town. 

If it’s financially possible, visiting your new town beforehand will help your children adjust to the move. If a trip isn’t in your budget, take some time and explore the new city online. 

You may be able to do a virtual walk-through of a museum, take a look at the zoo, and see what kind of local attractions are available. 

Moving doesn’t have to be fraught with anxiety, but it does have to be approached in a systematic way. 

We have a wide range of printable forms that will help you move. Whether you need a simple lease agreement, a durable power of attorney, or a pet agreement for your new lease, we’ve got you covered. 

If you need a form that we don’t have, send us a quick email and we’ll put it together for you. Best of luck on your move!