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Get Social: How to Get Real Estate Leads on Facebook

Times are changing. With over one billion users currently active on Facebook, the social media site is becoming a popular way to land quality real estate leads. 

If you have good people skills, you can easily transfer those skills to social media to drum up more business. Doing some research can help you get a better understanding of how to be successful on a digital platform like Facebook.

Do you want to know how to get real estate leads on Facebook? Keep reading to find out.

Create a Business Profile Page

A business page is similar to a regular Facebook profile, but specifically for a business.

You’ll want to add a professional headshot as your profile picture. You’ll also need a good quality image for your cover picture. The cover picture can also include additional information as text, like your location, email, and phone number.

Another aspect of your business page will be the call-to-action button. You can customize this button to reflect what works best for your business.

Options that you can use for your call-to-action button are things like, “send a message”, “give us a call”, “shop now”, or “sign up”.

Target Clients with Promo Posts and Paid Ads

Facebook allows you to be able to customize the audience that you want to target for your paid advertising or promotional posts.

You can create the group by selecting the age, income, location, and other demographic variables that go into finding your perfect client.

When you pay to boost an existing Facebook post, that’s what a promotional post is.

A paid advertisement is more like a traditional ad that is short and concise. You’ll want to keep these down to a call-to-action, nice picture, and a headline.

It’s best to play around with both of these options to sort out which works best for your company and audience.

Like this company, it always helps to have a professional and helpful real estate website to direct clients back to. This will be handy if the client wants to do more research on your business and see more of what you have to offer.

Joining Groups is How to Get Real Estate Leads on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook has groups for those who are long distance and for those in your local area? This is a great way to connect with those who might want to get in contact to use your services.

By joining local groups, you’ll have the opportunity to make new friends and contacts, gain useful information to grow your business, and build relationships with potential new clients. This will lead to having customer loyalty with those in your local area.

Look for local Facebook groups like pet groups, buying and selling groups, parenting groups, and neighborhood groups to join.

You can join in on the discussion as well as occasionally promote your real estate business. This helps build relationships and encourage people to come to you if they might need your services.

Grow Your Brand Recognition

These tips on how to get real estate leads on Facebook will help you generate more business easier and faster. Facebook is a great place to build relationships and grow your brand recognition as a reliable real estate provider in your area.

Your Business can help you complete web service tasks and other common business tasks in order to make your job a little easier.

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