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Have the “Wow House”: 9 Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

Increasing your home’s curb appeal has been estimated to increase selling value by 150%, and that’s said to be a low-ball claim. Even if you’re not looking to sell, adding curb appeal to your home is still a wise and worthwhile investment.

If you’re not sure how to increase your home’s curb appeal, there are some key elements to look out for. Read on for our list of 9 curb appeal ideas for your home.

Why Curb Appeal Is a Big Deal

Whether you’re looking to sell or not, you should always be on the lookout for curb appeal ideas. That way, if your plans change, you’ll already have a positive reputation on the market.

Curb appeal is essentially your buyer’s first impression of the home, and as you know, first impressions are everything. How you present the exterior of your home is a vital part of the selling process. By showing buyers your keen attention to detail, you’re setting them up for a positive outlook on what’s to come.

1. Decorate Your Front Porch

If you’re looking for curb appeal ideas, you can make an envy-worthy impression of your home by creating a comfortable, welcoming front porch setup. If you’ve got the space to work with, it’s important to clear away any clutter, such as bikes, mail, gardening tools, and other unsightly junk. That way, you’ll have a clean slate to start a beautiful setup.

Shop for a few matching or coordinating pieces of outdoor furniture that create an inviting, relaxing space. Don’t let it get to crowded, though, as you don’t want it to look busy or uncomfortable.

You can also add different decorative accents, such as mood lighting, candles, and even curtains. The idea is to create a comfortable setup that will wow buyers and inspire them to create their own front porch lounge.

2. Keep Everything Well-Lit

If your home is listed, potential buyers may be driving by at all hours of the day and night. One of the best curb appeal ideas is to make sure you keep everything well-lit, so your home looks good no matter what the hour is.

An easy way to do this is to buy garden stake lights to light up the walkways and garden areas of your home. You should also be sure all exterior lights, such as the ones on your porch and driveway, are fully functional and well-lit.

3. Pave the Way

If you want some serious curb appeal, upgrade the pavement on your front walkways to look modern and beautiful. This will help your home look gorgeous, clean-cut, and fully updated.

See here for more info about upgrading the pavement around the front of a house.

4. Keep Things Clean

When you’re looking for curb appeal ideas, don’t neglect the overall cleanliness of your home’s exterior. Clear out any unsightly clutter and keep everything neat and orderly.

If your siding and sidewalks are dirty, you may want to consider renting a power washer to get them sparkling, ready to impress potential buyers and passersby alike. It will make you feel better about the way your home looks, while increasing your curb appeal in the process.

5. Get Some Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas

One of the best things you can do to increase your home’s curb appeal is adding some flowers and greenery to your yard. A well-cared-for garden shows dedication and attention to detail, which will pave the way for a positive impression of your home.

Although it can be a lot of work, it’s worth it to take a trip to your local garden shop and purchase some fresh flowers to plant along the exterior of your home. If you’re looking for something more low-maintenance, there are lots of shrubberies and other hearty plants out there that can still look beautiful without all the fuss. 

6. Keep Your Lawn Well-Maintained

The is one of the most important curb appeal ideas to keep in mind: be sure you’re taking excellent care of your front lawn. A lush lawn that is well-manicured can do wonders for a buyer’s first impression of your home.

Keep your grass watered and mowed, taking care to keep it fertilized and vibrantly green. If you have weeds, remove them or get a weed killer to do the job. 

7. Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Front Door

Surprisingly enough, your front door can do a lot when it comes to your home’s curb appeal. If you have a door that’s old, outdated, run-down, or clashing with your home, then it’s a good idea to fix it up. You may even want to splurge on something brand new.

If you’re going for curb appeal on a budget, you can make your front door look like new with a fresh coat of paint that matches well with your home’s exterior. You can also add decorative accents, such as flowers or festive holiday decor.

8. Mind Your Rooftop

Many people who look for curb appeal ideas often overlook what’s right above them: the rooftop. If your home’s roof is weathered or broken down, then you should consider having it redone. At the very least, replace individual shingles that look weathered and worn.

While you’re at it, be sure your gutters are clear of any leaves, sticks, or other debris. That way, your home will stay looking spic and span for potential buyers.

9. Stay Up-To-Date with Repairs

While you’re looking for curb appeal ideas, be sure everything outside is working and in good condition. Replace any burnt out light bulbs, broken windows, and other things that might be in need of repair. Broken or malfunctioning pieces outside the home can do some serious damage to curb appeal, so be sure you’re giving these things the proper attention.

Spruce Up Your Home

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or not, curb appeal is always an important thing to keep in mind. Now that you have some curb appeal ideas, get started on fixing your home’s exterior today!

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