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How to Choose the Right Pop Up Gazebo for Your Next Business Event

The right pop up gazebo can help you attract the right customers to your booth at big events. Read on to learn how to choose the right one.

Event season is here. You’ve probably spent the past few months thinking about what you’ll show and what you’ll say. But have you thought about the booth itself, about what it’ll look like?

Sure you could go with a simple table and chairs, but what kind of impression will that leave?

You can invest in any number of low-cost gazebo products, like a pop up gazebo, and add some “wow” to your booth.

Location, Location, Location

Where will the event be held? Indoors or outdoors? What is the footprint allowed for your booth? Are there any height restrictions?

Understanding the physical parameters of your space will help you choose the perfect pop up gazebo for your business. For example, if the event will be held outside, consider having walls around your gazebo.

It’ll help keep the elements out and create an inviting shelter for anyone looking to escape the weather. (Quick tip: if you’re out in the sun, having portable fans inside will help cool people off as they meet with you.)

Because a gazebo’s height can be adjusted, you can use it as a visual marker. If you can have your roof above the crowd, you can make it easier for people to find you.

Material Decisions in a Pop Up Gazebo

Metal or plastic? This question can confuse even the best event planners.

The answer lies in more questions. How sturdy does it need to be? What elements does it need to withstand? Most importantly, what pattern should the roof and sides be made of?

It doesn’t take long to make a first impression. How your gazebo looks conveys your business and your brand to potential customers.

If you want to show visitors your company’s fun side, go for a multi-colored pattern. If you want to keep it traditional, use a more conservative design, like a solid blue.

Seating for One?

How many people from your team will be at the show? Can the pop up gazebo hold twice that number comfortably?

You need to have space for every team member and account for the interaction times between team members and guests. You don’t necessarily need something cavernous, but it does have to be comfortable.

So What Do You Do?

For many people, a pop up gazebo isn’t a high priority. They think: “Carl will bring his backyard picnic tent and everyone will be fine.” But everyone won’t be fine. Don’t treat your booth as an afterthought.

The gazebo is the first visual marker show goers have of your company. They’ll use it to decide what kind of company you are. If you don’t put much thought into your gazebo, visitors won’t put much thought in you.

If you want to know more about gazebos and how they can spruce up your tradeshow, log on to our website today. We want to hear about your next show and what kind of company you want to be.