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How to Know if Your Tree Is Dead and Needs to Be Removed

Snags or dead trees are dangerous hazards that can endanger everyone in your household. More people are killed by falling trees each year than sharks and lightning.

If you have a dead tree in your yard it is important to get it removed to save lives and property. But how do you know if a tree is dead? This article will tell you all the signs of a dying tree to help you identify one.

Is My Tree Dead or Dormant?

Some perennial trees look pretty dead in the winter months but are full of dormant life. Trees like dogwoods, cherry blossom trees, and other deciduous trees shed their leaves when the weather gets cold.

Once things begin to heat back up in the spring, new leaves and even flowers bud giving your tree a lively appearance once more.

Due to this seasonal change, it is much easier to identify a dead tree in the summer months. However, there are still some tricks you can use in the dead of winter to see if your tree is still alive.

If you make a small incision on your tree beneath the cambium layer, there should be some sticky residue or sap. Dead trees do not secret sap so this is one surefire way to tell if your tree is dead even in the middle of winter.

How Do You Know if a Tree is Dead?

There are a couple of signs of a dying tree that can be used to assess the health of your trees. The first is already dead parts such as dead top or dead branches that are hanging from the tree.

Chances are if part of a tree is dead or dying, the tree is not in a healthy environment and will die soon. Evidence of a beetle infestation can also be an indication that a tree is dead or dying.

Look for small holes and lines as well as missing bark. These can be signs that a beetle infestation has taken root. If this is the case your tree will soon be dead if it is not already.

100’s of millions of trees across the U.S. are victims of the bark beetle and pose a significant risk for wildfire. If there are beetle-kill trees or other dead trees on your property it is important to remove them.

A strong lean, as well as fungal or moss growth, can also be indications of a dead or dying tree. As can thinning or brown foliage. Any of these dying tree symptoms indicate that a tree needs to be cut down.

Rather than risking a tree-related crushing by taking down the trees yourself, why not call a professional? J and J Custom Tree Service can take care of all your tree removal needs for an affordable price.

Remove Your Dead Trees

Before you would ask “How do you know if a tree is dead?” but now the question on your mind should be “How quick can I get these dead trees taken down?”

If you call a professional tree removal service the answer to this question all depends on how fast they can pencil you into their schedule.

Call a tree removal service for all your dead tree removal needs. For all of your other business news and information make sure to check out the rest of our page!