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How to Select the Best Small Business Packaging for Your Product

How To Select the Best Small Business Packaging

You’ve developed the right product, now it’s time to select the best small business packaging for it. Read on for helpful tips to creating the perfect look!

What if one small change could drive your sales through the roof?

I know: you think it sounds a little too good to be true. But it all comes down to choosing the right small business packaging.

Better packaging builds customer engagement, drives sales, and helps your company make a big splash. Keep reading for more info on what good packaging does and how you can select the best packaging for the products that you sell.

What is Good Small Business Packaging?

There are hundreds of great ideas for packaging your products. However, if you’re not a designer, you probably just want a good definition of good packaging.

Typically, good packaging has three primary qualities: accessibility, engagement, and audience. Improving these three can help you build a better package in no time.

For accessibility, be honest in how difficult your product is to open. If customers have to bust out their pocket knives to open one of your packages, then you need better accessibility.

Engagement is about building a relationship with your demographic. This is where graphics, color choice, and even shape can help build an immediate connection.

Finally, thinking about your audience means thinking about how they will actually use the product. Do you make a portable consumable but the package is too big to fit into a drink holder? Then you probably need to go back to the drawing board!

Keep reading to discover better packaging ideas and ideas for how you can select the best packages for your company’s needs.

Check the Budget

Unfortunately, the first thing you must do before making any dramatic redesigns is to check what kind of budget you’re working with. This will help you understand how many packaging changes you can afford (and what those changes should be).

The biggest factor is that your budget determines what kind of packaging material you’re able to use. You may decide to do an upper-class packaging design with glass or to choose something that’s more budget-friendly such as food-grade cardboard.

Your budget also determines if you are able to bring in any outside consultants or even have a professional packaging studio take care of it. One such studio is Apex 360 Packaging Studio, and they can leverage their past success to help you grow your own brand starting today!

Make it Travel-Friendly

As I alluded to earlier, how travel-friendly your design is can be a major factor for consumers. And almost every company could make their packaging more travel-friendly in some way.

For example, if your product is something fragile (such as potato chips), you might consider using sturdier packaging to actually protect your product. This is why Pringles famously sells in a protective can: it protects the chips while still fitting in most cup holders.

You can also do some forward thinking and design packaging that can be easily stacked. This helps out everyone, from the customers buying in bulk to the businesses finding room on the shelf for your product!

Ultimately, a good packaging design manages to be eye-catching and sturdy: attractive enough to buy and protected enough to survive the trip home.

Do Consumer Research

Selling your product is all about understanding your consumers. And that works when it comes to small business packaging as well.

Some of this is pretty basic: if your target demographic is young girls, then colors like hot pink are a great way to get their attention. Conversely, boys and men typically prefer darker colors, which your packaging should reflect.

Keep in mind that consumers (especially Millennials) want to feel some kind of connection to the product. Make sure it looks good inside and out of the box, and consider adding info or slogans reflecting company values to the package.

The strategy is simple: get their attention and then make them feel good about what they have bought!

Do Research on Your Product

You’re probably ahead of me on the next one, but you also need to heavily research the product you sell. This is because even a small packaging redesign could negatively affect this product in certain ways.

Food items, for instance, may be subject to bacterial microbes or oxidation. Your current packaging protects those items; make sure your new packaging does as well!

And be on the lookout for new ideas and innovations as well. Businesses have sold soda in cans for years to offer needed protection against the CO2 pressure. Now, however, there are innovations in things like cardboard cans that may completely change how soda is packaged and sold!

Balance Package Sizes

Most of the ideas here are all about focusing on the consumer. When it comes to different sizes of your small business packaging, you must balance the needs of both consumers and retailers.

For example, consumers like simplicity. If you offer countless different packages, they might get frustrated and try a different product.

However, multiple sizes are good for retailers. It gives them flexibility when it comes to storing, transporting, and displaying your products in the store.

It’s easier said than done, so try to strike a balance. If you currently offer six different package sizes, consider pairing the amount down to three instead.

This will keep retailers happy with the packaging diversity while also making sure your consumers’ heads aren’t spinning from having too many options in front of them!

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking about designing better small business packaging, then you are thinking about improving your business. It’s important that your business is always improving for the better, but it can be difficult figuring out where to start.

That’s where we come in! At Your Business specializes in helping businesses just like yours find the solutions they need and the innovations that their consumers demand.

We provide free web services and offer our expertise while also letting you network with over ten thousand other businesses!

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