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Is Cosmetology the Right Career Option for You?

Over 766,100 workers were employed in the cosmetology field in 2018 alone. This includes thousands of licensed individuals who provide beauty services to a wide variety of customers.

To decide if you should enter a career in this growing field, you must answer two important questions.

What is cosmetology?

How and where should I study it?

Read on to learn the answers to these questions and more. You’ll discover what cosmetology means and how you can study it and enter into a rewarding career field.

What Is Cosmetology?

There are several beauty-related industries, but one field combines them all into a rewarding career. Cosmetology is the study of the proper way to care for a client’s skin, nails, and hair.

Many cosmetologists become experts in all these areas, but some may choose to specialize. A hairstylist or barber focuses on hair, while an esthetician cares for their clients’ skin.

Cosmetologists must master a range of skills, regardless of their specialization or where they choose to work. These include proper makeup application and hairstyling techniques, skincare basics, and sanitation techniques.

There are also certain personal characteristics that make an individual the perfect fit for a cosmetology career.

At least 44% of cosmetologists are self-employed, meaning they own their own salon or rent an available chair. This means they must be able to advertise and manage their business.

Cosmetologists must also maintain relationships with clients and any workers they manage. That’s why social skills are some of the most important in this field.

An accredited beauty school program can fill any holes in your knowledge or abilities. There are a wide range of options, so be sure to choose the best one for you.

What Is Cosmetology School?

Studying cosmetology ensures that you have all the necessary skills to develop a successful career. This is an industry that requires a great deal of skill and artistry, and the more you can practice and prepare beforehand, the better you’ll be.

Every state requires cosmetologists to earn a license. The process begins by completing a program at an accredited school. 

Generally, candidates must be at least 16 years old and graduate from high school before beginning their studies. After completing the program, they must also pass an exam that includes written, oral, and/or practical components.

It’s essential to choose the best school to get the best education possible. Check here for more information on one of the best professional cosmetology training programs.

Is Cosmetology Right for Me?

Knowing the answers to questions like what is cosmetology and what does a cosmetologist study helps you decide if the career field is one you’d like to pursue.

This career field is not for anyone with no interest in beauty or who has problems interacting with others. It’s a social, service-focused industry where you must interact with clients every day and help them look their best.

Prepare yourself to enter this emerging career field by going to the best possible cosmetology school. You’ll be rewarded with a license that shows you have all the necessary skills.

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