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Let It Go: The Smart Guide to Declutter and Organize Your Home

Decluttering has grown into something of an international trend. Marie Kondo gets most of the credit for starting the moment after she authored one of the most famous books on decluttering and organizing. Yet, she’s not the only one touting the benefits.

It turns out there are legitimate psychological benefits when you declutter and organize your home, like less anxiety and more self-confidence. Of course, there is a big step from thinking you should do it and knowing how to declutter and organize.

If you need a bit of guidance, keep reading for some steps to get organized and declutter.

Make a Plan

If you’re about to attempt your first effort at decluttering, you need a plan. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up bouncing from room to room without ever finishing.

Block out time on a calendar for taking on the decluttering efforts. Decide what order you’ll declutter the rooms in your home and write it on the calendar. Since you’ll likely end up throwing a substantial amount away, look into the options for a residential dumpster rental.

Set Up Specific Containers

You need specific containers for organizing the stuff in each room. The total number varies depending on your preferences, but you’ll need at least three for these general categories:

  • Things to keep/store
  • Things to donate
  • Things to throw away

Depending on your local trash policies, you may also want a container for recyclables.

Stock Up

As you declutter, you’ll discover hidden troves of dust, dirt, and grime. Breaking your momentum to go buy cleaning supplies will prove counterproductive.

That means you must stock up on basic cleaning supplies ahead of time, such as:

  • Trash bags
  • Surface and floor cleaners
  • Paper towels
  • Sponges

If you’re sensitive about chemicals or dust, you may also want some kind of filtering mask to wear while you declutter and clean.

Dealing with Each Room

One of the more common approaches for decluttering a specific room is the pile method. You simply dump everything that isn’t obviously trash into a pile. Then, you simply go through the pile and deposit things into the appropriate container.

The pile approach can leave some people feeling daunted.

Another option is for you to take on specific areas of a room. In a bedroom, you might focus on a closet first, then move on to a dresser. In a kitchen, you can take it one drawer or cabinet shelf at a time.

You Can Declutter and Organize

No matter how bad your home might feel, you can declutter and organize. Don’t think of the whole process at once. Break it down into manageable chunks, like one room on a day off.

By chunking out the work, you give yourself achievable goals. Each time you reach one of the small goals, you get a mental and emotional payoff. That reward helps you stay energized and encouraged about the process.

Make sure you attend to the practical things, like picking up extra cleaning supplies and getting rid of garbage.

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