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Lights, Camera, Action: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing in 2019

Video marketing continues to impact the digital marketing industry.

In 2019, expect video marketing to make even bigger strides to take over all promotional activity. 

Plan on seeing video control up to 80% of web traffic this upcoming year. 

These are 5 reasons why your business needs the power of video marketing right now. 

1. Videos Humanize Your Brand

One of the many benefits of using video includes humanizing your brand.

People want to discover more about your business and ultimately buy your product, so you need to do whatever it takes to give your brand a face.

Videos are quick and simple steps in this direction. Your audience will engage with the video they are watching in a matter of minutes.

As soon as they see the types of people who are interacting with your products they can also start to imagine themselves using the product. 

2. Video Marketing is Great for Mobile Users

Another important reason to begin incorporating videos onto your website is that they are great for mobile users. Users love watching video on their mobile devices. 

Think about how many YouTube videos one can watch within a short time frame all from the ease of a cell phone.

Tap into mobile video views by adding more video snippets to your blog page on your website, too.

More people are tuning into their phones rather than clicking on their televisions. Video content will be a major key to get people interested in learning more about your unique brand. 

3. Take Your Videos to the Next Level With Drones

The growth of video marketing is uncanny.

If you don’t already feature video content on your site, you need to focus on bringing attention to creating more awesome drone footage to entice new customers to start shopping for your products. 

Drones have done wonders for teaching viewers all about a business using beautiful imagery and high-quality visuals. Drones are equipped with aerial photography systems and are easy-to-use for the average person.

Utilize a flying drone device for your next marketing campaign to sell a brand new product to thousands of potential customers. The drones are a great investment to make because you can take them anywhere in the world to shoot multiple videos across beautiful landscapes. 

4. Video Goes Hand in Hand with SEO

SEO is search engine optimization. Your site needs to have a certain level of SEO to show up in a Google search by a user. 

Videos are beneficial for boosting your SEO ranking. Branded videos are essential for improving click-through rates, too.

Your business’s SEO value can go up over time once you begin adding creative videos to various pages on your website. Relevant videos will no doubt drive people to view your homepage. 

5. Video Boosts Social Shares

What is a video without sharing it on multiple social platforms?

Places on the web like Facebook and Twitter love video content. Just read this useful article from authenticWEB about video marketing ideas to increase the number of social shares with your video. 

Videos will have the opportunity to go viral with just a few reshares.

Social networks encourage video sharing, which is why entertaining videos are important for your business. 

Want More Advice on Marketing Your Small Business?

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