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Marketing a Law Practice: 5 Insider Marketing Secrets That New Clients to Your Law Firm

You know how to make a defense, fight for justice, and own a courtroom.

Yet, do you know how to market your law firm?

The reality is that while lawyers may be well-versed in the judicial system, marketing a law practice may render them a little unconfident. 

To earn new business, keep clients happy and grow your brand, it’s important to understand outreach and advertising strategies related to your niche. 

Join us today as we share five insider secrets to standing out in your space. Ready to learn more? Let’s jump in!

1. Create a Personal Brand

Where is 85% of your firm’s online traffic headed to? The answer might surprise you.

Most aren’t hopping online to learn about your work history or read client feedback. Rather 85% are heading to the biography pages of your lawyers themselves.

What does that mean? They aren’t looking to hire your firm. They need an individual lawyer, and they’re looking for personality.

Require that the professionals at your firm step up and create biographies that are as engaging and personable as possible! Their details should include:

  • Professional credentials
  • A high-quality photograph
  • Relevant keywords for SEO strategy
  • Links to public social media channels
  • Links to relevant online publications
  • A Call to Action (CTA)

In addition to your website, encourage every lawyer to create a profile on LinkedIn, as well.

2. Embrace Social Media

If you want to bring in new clients, you have to meet them where they already are. 

The easiest and quickest way to do so? Create accounts on key social media platforms and generate the kind of conversation that sparks interest in your firm. 

Create company pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Follow professional influencers on each, and respond to any comments or questions in a timely manner. 

3. Become a Thought Leader

Want to drive more traffic to your website? Create clickable content that your readers crave. 

If you’re a legal professional, you have the unique opportunity to shed light on many issues that perplex most of the general public.

Take California’s Lemon Law, for instance. 

Most people in the state might not realize that they can receive an almost-full refund if they purchase a defective vehicle. You can write a blog that helps them learn how it works as they navigate their next steps and fight for their rights. 

Create a blog and update it on a regular basis with interesting and informative advice that positions you as a thought leader in your space and leads people back for more.

4. Strategize E-mail Marketing

While it may take time to implement, e-mail marketing is a valuable endeavor that keeps your prospects and clients close to your firm. 

If someone opts in to receive e-mail updates, give them what they’re looking for! Like your blog, send out routine emails chocked full of helpful tips, actionable suggestions and professional insight into common legal concerns. 

5. Try Video Marketing

Content may be king, but that doesn’t always mean the written word.

Best the competition by incorporating videos into the online content you create. As you do, you’ll improve your visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). In fact, YouTube is now second only to Google in the search engine world!

Give a behind-the-scenes tour of a day at the firm. Hold a live chat with a lawyer and answer some FAQs. You’ll establish a closer client connection and showcase your expertise at the same time. 

Marketing a Law Practice and Winning Your Case

In a perfect world, your incredible work ethic and successful case history would speak for itself. However, in today’s competitive digital society, even lawyers have to embrace the techniques that keep them top of mind. 

Take these ideas on marketing a law practice to heart. Give them a try and notice as your firm grows in confidence and credibility!

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