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My Car Won’t Start! How to Reset Your Remote Car Starter

Winter driving is dangerous enough to contribute more than 500,000 accidents per year. Anything you can do to reduce those risks is one more factor removed from the dangerous equation.

The reason many people are interested in a remote car starter system is usually winter driving. One of the biggest reasons is to defrost the windows and warm up the vehicle in preparation for getting on the road.

Later, though, they end up seeing a variety of reasons why a remote car starter installation was one of the best aftermarket decisions for their vehicle they could have bought.

So what is a remote car starter, and why should you care? Do you already have one, and want to know: “how to reset my remote car starter?”

This guide will tell you that and more. Keep reading to find out!

It’s Good for Your Engine

Let’s face it, no one likes to go outside to start their car, before scurrying back inside, when the temperatures get below freezing. It might surprise you to find out that engines also don’t like low temperatures and need to warm up to be used efficiently.

To illustrate, imagine coconut oil on the shelf at a shop. You might look at some of the high-quality oils and notice it’s clumped and sludgy in the airconditioned, cool environment. When you warm it up, even by only holding the bottle, it starts to liquify.

While engine oils have a higher liquid range, a similar effect occurs in your engine. As the engine block heats up, the engine oil viscosity becomes more ideal. When it’s cold and you drive off the oil is not lubricating your engine and you’re causing extra wear and damage if you rev too high.

Because the engine isn’t running efficiently until it warms up it’s burning more fuel as well.

Not only do you save in repair costs, oil changes, and fuel, but with remote starter systems in cold weather, you also save yourself some time.

It Isn’t Just for Winter

If you’ve ever lived where the sun is intense, you know what it’s like to get into a hot car and touch a searing hot steering wheel. A remote car starter can warm your car up and get the heat going, but it can also start cooling your car down with the air conditioner during a hot summer.

With smartphones being a lifeline, using a system like Viper’s SmartStart system gives unlimited range and enhanced usability for your car. It isn’t only a car starter.

It can be used to unlock a car if someone in the family has locked their keys (or anything else) inside, track student drivers and family on GPS (including speeding alerts), and more.

However, even the keyless entry and remote starting features from a mile away should be enough to interest anyone — regardless of weather conditions.

Why Won’t It Start?

The short answer is that it could have been improperly installed if it wasn’t from a professional. That improper installation may also void your warranty.

It’s sometimes difficult to know where to get a good remote start installation, but it’s best to go to a professional. Window tinting and audio installation shops often install them professionally. Even the dealership you bought it from could recommend an installer with a lot of experience, or contract a professional installer out, to save your warranty.

Some other reasons include:

  • Dead battery in the car
  • Dead battery in the fob
  • Damaged or failing hood pin or hood tilt switch
  • The remote starter has gone into “valet mode”
  • The remote starter has lost its programming
  • The fob is in “second car” mode

Almost all of these are quick fixes, especially when dealing with the fobs. Damaged good pins or tilt switches aren’t too tricky, but they’re an essential part of the remote starter’s safety mechanism. It makes sure the car won’t unexpectedly start while a mechanic is working on the car, so if it’s damaged it could be in the “off” position.

Being a computer-controlled system, it can lose its programming from memory if there’s an electrical outage or dead battery. Many fobs are equipped with charging ports, but some need to be dismantled to get to the battery in order to switch it out.

Most of those types use coin batteries like a watch.

Going into valet mode on accident is a pretty quick fix. All you need to do is set it back to normal mode, following the manual’s direction for your fob. A quick search on your fob model is usually all it takes.

How to Reset My Remote Car Starter

Using the Viper LCD 2-Way 7756V as an example, let’s run through a quick scenario of how to reset your remote car starter.

There are some steps you need to take on the car and equipment before moving forward.

In sequence, you should:

  1. Leave the door for the vehicle open during the procedure
  2. Put the vehicle into the “on” position, without turning the engine over
  3. Hold the antenna button until the LED blinks
  4. Wait for the security chirp, to indicate the system is in “pairing” mode

Next, while you’re in the car and with the keyfob in hand, you can move to the next steps.

  1. Press and hold the help or function button (It looks like an f)
  2. Choose remote pair using the auxiliary button (aux)
  3. Press the function button again to select “remote pair”
  4. Press and hold the lock button to initiate pairing

You’ll hear the security system whine once, along with a kind of alarm noise on the fob. Once everything looks like it stopped, you can turn the vehicle off completely and take the key out.

Test the system by locking or unlocking the car.

It’s almost always that simple — but every model of keyfob and remote starter system is different. Make sure to check your manual or search for your system and fob online.

Paired: Your Remote Car Starter and You

Now that you know how simple it is, you shouldn’t have to worry about typing “why isn’t my remote car starter working” into Google. Instead, type “how to reset my remote car starter” along with the model you need.

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