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Not Just Beachwear: 2019’s Hottest Summer Fashion Trends

It’s almost that time. Summer is right around the corner, and you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Which is why you need to stay ahead of the summer fashion trends!

Summer is the perfect time to dive right into the latest and greatest fashion and figure out your personal style. The best part is, you might be able to find many of these items hidden in the back of your closet.

Now is the time to reignite your love for neon and raid your grandmothers closet because summer 2019 is coming fast!


No, it’s not the 60s again, but tie-dye is back in full force. Talk about a fresh case of nostalgia! Seen both on and off the runway, tie-dye has quickly become a crowd favorite again.

Unlike the tie-dye of the past, 2019s take on the pattern is much more understated and tasteful. You can find plenty of pieces that incorporate tie-dye from a beach-ready maxi dress to a bold blazer.

Many designers are utilizing tie-dye in their denim creations for a more modern look on the style while others are doing a sophisticated take on high-level fabrics. This isn’t your mother’s tie-dye collection. This is the next level of high-end fashion!

Bike Shorts

Bike or no bike, this is your new latest fashion trend. Something that was once enjoyed by only a small percentage of the population is now sweeping the nation. 

One of the best parts of this new style is they can be paired with items of clothing you already own. Grab your favorite oversized t-shirt or a nice fitted blazer to create a comfortable yet classic combination.

The shoes you choose tell the next part of the story. Whether it be dressed up with a pair of strappy heels or a more casual look with tennis shoes, bike shorts can be perfect for any kind of occasion.

Animal Print

Animal print isn’t just for your grandmother anymore! Snakeskin, leopard, zebra, and so many more prints made their runway debut in 2019.

There’s no doubt by now that you’ve seen numerous outfits enhanced by the various styles of animal print. No matter your print of choice, it undoubtedly comes in numerous styles including coats, bags, shoes, and more. Even if you aren’t looking to strut your stuff in a cheetah print jacket, a little bit of animal print goes a long way and definitely makes a statement. 

A larger animal print design is perfect for a simple, no fuss look while smaller animal prints give you a more . Animal print is a great way to liven up any outfit while also keeping it feminine.


Not quite a jumpsuit, but don’t count them out. Boilersuits are the latest and greatest fashion trend for anyone who values comfort and style. Although this isn’t a one size fits all item, boilersuits come in a variety of materials, made to fit loose.

Perhaps the most appealing part is the simplicity of it all. Now when you wake up in the morning, your outfit is one less thing you need to think about. With pants and a top all in one, you’ll save time and energy each day. It’s also a benefit to those you are budget conscious, allowing you to buy less and spend well.

Statement Sneakers

According to Pinterest, AKA, where the majority of women spend most of their free time searches for statement sneakers, have risen by over 2,000%. Even though it’s taken this long to be acceptable, sneakers are now the hottest shoe trend on the market.

Now that athleisure if officially one of the most talked about (and loved!) styles, it’s time shoes made their way to the list as well. Statement sneakers have all the style and comfort you want in your favorite tennis shoes without making you look like you just got done working out.

Don’t ditch your favorite pair of heels just yet, but consider investing in a pair of sneakers that make you feel bold and comfortable all at the same time. Besides, it really is all in the details.

Puff Sleeves

You’ve seen them in fairytales, sported by the princesses that you grew up with. Puffy sleeves were big in 2018, but they’re even bigger in 2019… and they’re here to stay.

Growing in both size and boldness, puffy sleeves aren’t afraid to make a statement. Whether on the shoulders of your best dress or your go-to blouse, you can never go wrong with those ultra-feminine puffs.

Thankfully you can kiss those shoulder pads goodbye as a wave of puffy sleeves encased with elastic and square necklines adorn thousands of blouses in stores. Whether your puffy sleeves are large or small, they add extra sass and class to any dress or shirt.


When you hear the word neon is your first thought the safety vests worn by construction workers? Not so fast. Lately, we’ve begun to see neon in a gentler light. Maybe even something we can get on board with.

The question remains, how do you wear it? If you feel the need to ease yourself into this growing trend, opt for a two-piece outfit to start. You can pair each piece separately with a neutral for a more laid back look.

Or maybe you’re thinking you want to dive right in. Sometimes going bold is the best way to start. Find a flattering maxi dress or jumpsuit that gives you all the feels and rock it with confidence. After all, that is the best look.

Summer Fashion Trends for Every Body

Let’s be honest, sometimes the latest and greatest fashion trends don’t seem so hot when you look at yourself in the mirror. The good news is, no matter your personal style, you can find a way to make a statement in any of these summer fashion trends. Not only will you make a statement, but you’ll find a style that is all your own.

The best part about taking a fashion risk is learning to find your voice. When you do that, your self-confidence will bleed out into areas of your life, inspiring others. about how you can embrace new fashion trends and inspire others to do the same!