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On The Go: What is The Best Mobile App Builder Software in 2019?

Back in the day, you needed to know Java, Python, Swift, C++ or some other random programming language. Those days are long gone.

The great thing about building an app is that you don’t need to be a master coder to create one. You just need to know what the best app builder software is.

With that info, you can join the 2 million apps that are out there on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. You can monetize your app and earn a nice income, without having to know code.

Read on to find out how you can build a winning app for your business.

What to Look For In an App Builder

If this is your first app, there’s a lot to learn. Before you go crazy with the app builder, you want to have an idea as to what you’re actually building. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time and resources.

Your app starts with an idea. You’ll need to define that idea in more details. What type of devices will it be used for? What is it supposed to do? Who’s going to use it?

These questions are critical to answer now because you’re going to have to find an app builder that is compatible with your apps’ needs.  

You also want to have a look at the builder’s reputation. Take a look at case studies and reviews. The best app builder software will have a long line a case studies and reviews.

The Best App Builder Software

What are the top software builders? These are the ones that you need to consider for your business.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is the app to use if you want to buiold an app for a specific industry. For example, if you want to build an app for a restaurant, Appy Pie has a template to build menus and customize the app. You can do the same for real estate, your church, or you can convert your website to an app.

There are two versions of Appy Pie. The free version does have ads and it does allow you to create an app for the web.

If you want to have your app on mobile platforms or want to have fancy features like push notifications, you’re looking at $480 a year. For that amount, you get a lot more than just an app. You get 25,000 push notifications every month, and the folks at Appy Pie will help you submit your app to the major app stores.


If you like working with block drag and drop editors like the new WordPress, you will love Kinetese. This is a newer app builder software that has a content management system that’s similar to the new WordPress.

What makes Kinetese the best mobile app software builder is that it’s open source. What that means for you is that development costs are sure to be below your budget.

You can build your app and source code for no cost. Having the source code is enough to publish your app to app stores. For more features like security and maintenance, hold on to your wallet. It’s only $19 a month.


Do you plan to create a gaming app? GameSalad is the best app builder software for that purpose. You can use the app builder to create your app and test it out. When you’re ready to publish and distribute the app, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version, which is $300.


A highlight of Appery is that you can use to create an app across platforms and create a responsive web app. They make it very easy with a drag-and-drop user experience.

The pricing is affordable at $90 a month. That gives you three apps to use and distribute.

You Always Have the Option to Outsource

Is building an app too much? It does take a significant amount of resources and time to develop, test, and market the app. You do have the option to take some of that work off of your plate by outsourcing.

There are countless freelance app developers for hire. Another option is to hire a company that can see the entire vision of your business and create an app that’s congruent with your business. A company like bitbean, for example, work with companies to design a complete user experience for mobile software.

How to Build Your App

No matter how you go about building the technical aspects of your app, there are some core principles of building a successful app that still applies.

Here’s the foundation for building an app you need to have in place before you develop your app and publish it.

Design Your App for the User

Your biggest competition isn’t going to be the other apps in your niche. It will be your users. That’s who you’re designing your app for.

Your job is to make sure that you give them the best and seamless experience possible. If you do that, you’ll get good reviews. Good reviews mean that you’re more likely to get more downloads.

Marketing Your App

Be sure to have a plan for marketing your app. You’ll want to build excitement on social media channels in a pre-launch campaign.

When your app is launched, your attention should be focused on the app stores. These are essentially search engines and should be treated as such. You’ll want to implement the same SEO tips that you’d apply to Google.

Build Your App for Business Success

Building an app isn’t as complex as it used to be, thanks to easy to use mobile app builders. The best mobile app builder software is affordable and easy to use, regardless of your programming experience.

Now, the only thing that’s stopping your app from being a success is you. That’s why you want to make sure you design your app with the user in mind. When users like your app, they’ll leave good reviews. That means more downloads and more sales for your business.

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